Nowadays, the house with a minimalist model is still a house that is desirable with the best minimalist furniture inside. As well as the living room, which is used to accept guests or also become a place to relax, it will be less complete if only equipped with a sofa and other furniture, such as a wardrobe or regular chair. For that, you can add a small coffee table that can be used to embellish the atmosphere in the living room. Weathered gray coffee table, can be a solution to fill the living room.

Enabling a living room for a family gathering place is an interesting option, as it maximizes the function of the room at home. For that, you have to fill your living room with furniture that enables the space for the living room, by adding various accessories, among others, a minimalist sofa, plus a sofa chair that has soft cushioning such as a sofa, and Not forget the existence of an attractive and minimalist coffee table.

Weathered Gray Wood Coffee Table

The coffee table with gray color is perfect for your home that has a minimalist concept. The weathered wood grey coffee table seems to be very suitable with the concept of the house you choose, with a minimalist impression, which can be a mainstay. A lot of furniture that can complement the living room, especially to get a minimalist impression as a complement of furniture in the living room, which will feature an interesting harmonization.

Weathered Gray Wood Coffee Table
Weathered Gray Wood Coffee Table (Picture Source: knittystash)
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Wooden coffee table Material, especially with the touch of classical design becomes a good combination for the furniture of your home. With a unique design will make the coffee table can be combined with various furniture. Despite being placed in a room with a minimalist home concept, the classic design on the coffee table will be able to add to the aesthetic value of space.

Weathered Gray Coffee Table Diy

Make your coffee table?. Maybe this can be said as a last resort when the coffee table you want is unavailable. There are many ways to have a dream coffee table. By looking for used wood, it can be quite weathered, then done partially recondition to restore to the function initially or do a total repair to be formed to your liking.

Weathered Gray Coffee Table Diy
Weathered Gray Coffee Table Diy (Picture Source: centsationalstyle)
After getting the coffee table you want, you can directly arrange the living room and put the coffee table face the main sofa. The existence of a coffee table between the sofa chair and main sofa can balance the combination of design and color and motif that appear.

The presence of in-room furniture in detail will give a big change over the space atmosphere. Many things that can make the atmosphere is formed, can be from motifs and accents decorations, also can be from the form of furniture that is placed in the living room, thus bringing out a unique design on the unity of space identity.

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