For a coffee lover and also often enjoy coffee at home, having a coffee table, it seems like must-have equipment. Putting the coffee table in the living room becomes a delight, besides being able to beautify the living room, a coffee table can be a fixture to fill space in the living room. Sometimes in a living room with a minimalist concept, and incidentally want to fill the living room with small furniture, then the choice is to fill it with a coffee table. Before filling it, you need to measure the empty living room part, and also need to know the average coffee table size, to create an interesting atmosphere in the living room.

By getting the exact size of the coffee table, the purpose and function of the coffee table to be placed in the living room becomes suitable. The existence of furniture or coffee table in space, essentially want to support the function of space, in the sense without a table, especially coffee table, then the living room will be difficult to use by the owners.

Therefore choose a coffee table for the living room with the best size and design. Adapt the coffee table to your home concept and space concept. Do not let you buy a coffee table arbitrary, because it reduces the beauty of your living room.

Average Size For Coffee Table

There is an easy way to choose the best coffee table, to be placed in your home. Taking what Estee Stanley says, an editor at Domainehome.com, who says that a fan of modern aesthetics, usually prefer a coffee table with a smaller size. While fans of classic aesthetic design prefer classic-style furniture with larger table sizes.

AVERAGE COFFEE TABLE SIZE; Average Size For Coffee Table,
Average Size For Coffee Table (Picture Source: royhomedesign)
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Both models can be used anywhere, but on a condition that has the right size. From an aesthetic perspective, the coffee table is at least 10 inches (25 cm) long to 18 (45 cm). So, if you have a sofa with a standard length of 87 inches (220 cm), then look for a coffee table with a size between 51 inches to 57 inches (about 129 cm up to 144 cm).

Average Size Of Coffee Table

A lot of types and models of the coffee table, but to choose the right size and best, you have to adjust to the shape of the space you have. Above we've got a reference on the size based on aesthetics. But on average, look for a coffee table with a high standard between 36 cm to 48 cm. And for the size of the width and length, it depends on the taste and design of the coffee table that you want. For coffee table width usually uses a size between 50 cm to 70 cm, and for a coffee table length, using a size of 90 cm up to 140 cm.

AVERAGE COFFEE TABLE SIZE;Average Size Of Coffee Table;
Average Size Of Coffee Table (Picture Source: www.mediasupload.com)
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