Coarse Ground Coffee

Coffee is still a delicious treat for coffee lovers. So many ways to enjoy coffee, especially nowadays many providers of coffee materials, ranging from ground coffee to coffee in the form of seeds. Even if you choose and love to enjoy coffee with your grind, there is also a shop that provides coffee machine from manual to Automatic coffee machine. Apart from the delicious coffee, there are a variety of coffee options that you can choose, ranging from ground coffee too finely ground to the shape of coarse ground coffee, all have their enjoyment.

In essence, it is not a secret for coffee lovers that the coffee grind size greatly affects the coffee brew process. Even to enjoy a delicious coffee, you have to understand the method of brewing the coffee by paying attention to the fine size and coarse of the ground coffee beans. The size of the ground coffee, very influential when the coffee extraction, that is when the coffee was first brewed with water.

What Is A Coarse Ground Coffee

The question here is why the size of coffee beans is milled into a problem in brewing coffee?. This is due to produce the flavor of coffee that you want, you should pay attention to the coffee grind size, namely in the contact time, extraction rate, and also the flow rate.

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Several things can be considered to make coffee according to the coarse of the coffee powder, among others:

coarse ground coffee
Coarse ground coffee (Picture source:

- Extra Coarse Grind

On the extra coarse grind, which is ground with this method, suitable for the serving of cold brew coffee brewing.

- Coarse Grind.

On the coarse method of grind, you will feel the difference with an extra coarse grind method, you can feel with the fingers so that it can be seen the difference. Coarse Grind is suitable for the presentation of French coffee, percolator, and also coffee cupping.

- Medium-Coarse Grind

On the model of this method is very clear the level of the exterior that greatly affects the brewed coffee, this method is appropriate in making coffee with Chemex, Clever Dripper, and solo café Brewer.

- Medium Grind

On the ground coffee method with this model, it is suitable for a flat bottomed drip brewers method, cone-shaped pour-over brewers, Aeropress, and siphons brewers.

- Medium-Fine Grind

For your coffee connoisseur pour-over, the ground coffee model with the medium-fine grind is very suitable for a brew cone-shaped pour-over brewers and Aeropress.

- Fine Grind

The method of brewing with fine grind models is perfect for espresso, AeroPress and stovetop espresso maker

- Super Fine

This coffee is a very fine ground coffee, very suitable for the method of coffee (Turkish coffee).

Knowing a little about the coarse type of ground coffee is important when you are going to make delicious coffee. Hopefully useful.

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