Coffee, this drink into a fast-growing drink, not only the types and trends of coffee drink but also the modification of coffee that happened is amazing. Various kinds of coffee drinks menu modified to give a different delicious coffee to be liked by coffee lovers. The not only modification of coffee drinks with milk and ice cream, but also coffee mixed with alcoholic beverages to drink a trend in the development of coffee, which is also called "Coffee Flavored Liqueur".

One of the countries that found this drink (coffee liqueur) is Italian. Italy became a country that continues to develop this type of beverage. Call it Caffe Borghetti from Fratelli Branca, this drink is brewed coffee beans at a concentration level that is almost the same as the espresso. Or a drink with the name Galliano Ristretto, which is a thick black coffee, but has a taste of liqueur which is almost identical with one full-pressure coffee shot.

Coffee Flavored Liqueur Brands

In addition to Italy, liqueur also develops in the United States, one of the produced brands of coffee liqueur is St. George's NOLA Coffee Liqueur, produced by St. George Spirits, a distillery in Alameda, California, with coffee Chicory as the main menu.

Coffee Flavored Liqueur Brands (Picture Source: cocktailhunter)
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Not only in Alameda, the Lexington House, located in Los Gatos, California, owned by a bartender named Jimmy Marino, made a modification to the liqueur coffee by mixing a coffee from the St. George with rum that gave birth to coffee New type liqueur called Coffeed Negroni, with a taste not too sweet yet balanced.

Sheridan's Original Coffee Flavored Liqueur

In addition to Italy and the United States, there is one more country famous for the liqueur coffee, which is Ireland. Two Irish coffee brands are exposed in Ireland, namely Baileys or Sheridan. Irish coffee in Ireland was first discovered by Joe Sheridan, a cook in Foynes, County Limerick. There is an interesting story when the first Irish coffee was found. Around 1940, when it was winter, passengers from the new United States arrived at Foynes Harbor feeling cold due to freezing temperatures, and over the idea of Sheridan, which then added whiskeys to the coffee drink to warm their bodies from the cold temperatures.

Sheridan's Original Coffee Flavored Liqueur
Sheridan's Original Coffee Flavored Liqueur (Picture Source:
Over time, Stanton Delaplane, finally bringing Irish Coffee from Ireland, entered the United States, after having had a drink at Shannon International Airport. Since then, Irish coffee has grown not only to the United States but also other countries.

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