Coffee makers for coffee lovers become like guns, and coffee as bullets. Then it is not wrong when the coffee maker is needed. Even with the growth of coffee machines, many shops provide coffee pots for sale for those of you who love coffee. But with the many coffee makers, you can choose according to your needs and wishes. The coffee pot itself is a cooking tool that used to brew coffee.

Among the many tools to make coffee, and in the current development began to emerge a more sophisticated coffee maker, coffee pots such as mocha pot remained in the increasingly sophisticated coffee maker. Even in Italy Moka pots like the part of the houseware that must be available at home. Moka pot is called the eldest coffee maker which can survive during the development of the coffee machine.

Moka pot (Picture source: drippedcoffee)

Coffee Pots On Sale

On this occasion, the coffee pots that will be discussed are Moka pots. Moka pot itself is one method of brewing Italian coffee which is widely used in every household in Italy. Moka pots are also known as stovetops. This tool is suitable for those of you who like coffee with a thick flavor, let alone the use of this tool is very easy.

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In its use, hot water will speed up the brewing process, and retain the aroma of coffee. And conversely, try not to use cold water, because it will make the process of heating to be longer and make the coffee flavor becomes burnt.

Before inserting the coffee into the stove, the coffee should be ground (try using a blade-type grinder). Grind the coffee for fifteen to twenty seconds, try not to be too smooth like powder.
After that enter the hot water following the water limit under the valve.  Then fill the filter with coffee to taste and flatten. Attach the Filter, then attach the top of the mocha pot.

The Moka pot Model consists of various types, some of which use heat sources from fire or some are using electricity.

Commercial Coffee Pots For Sale

Speaking of coffee pots that can be sold, there are a lot of options to choose from. Moka pot seems to be a simple tool to choose from, moreover, this coffee brew tool has a unique shape and the price is very affordable. Despite its simple form, Moka pots become one of the very popular commercial coffee pots. And although it is still using technology that has been long, it can be said this tool is the beginning of the existing espresso machine.

With a tool like Moka pot, you can get a coffee that has strong flavor and viscosity, which is similar to the espresso made with coffee maker.

Interesting to find coffee pots for sale that suits the needs of coffee at home. Of course, this becomes even more enjoyable when getting a coffee machine by expectations.

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