Community Coffee K Cups

At first, I thought the Community Coffee K Cups was a coffee lover community or club made by Keurig in the form of Cups.  And apparently, my guess is wrong, apparently community coffee is a coffee distributor centered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the United States, which has coffee roasting products and also coffee.

In the year around 2005, Community Coffee was the largest coffee brand in the United States founded by Norman Saurage, which controlled the 52% coffee market in South Louisiana and also Baton Rouge with nearly 72% control. As the largest company, the family company has employed 850 people.

Speaking of Community Coffee, this coffee brand began to be established in 1919, at that time Saurage, found a copy of the coffee experiment obtained at two grocery stores in Baton Rogue. The demand for coffee was greatly increased and in 1923, Saurage moves coffee production to the warehouse. Coffee bean material imported from Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

Community coffee itself has a lot of coffee products, but below will be presented two examples of coffee products that are sought after by coffee lovers, among others:

1. Community Coffee K Cups DECAF

For those of you coffee lovers, but not strong with sour coffee flavor, the Community coffee also provides coffee without theobromine called coffee decaf. Although this non-caffeine coffee, is not completely free of caffeine, at a minimum you do not consume caffeine in full.

Community Coffee K Cups DECAF
Community Coffee K Cups Decaf (Picture source:
And at Community coffee, decaf coffee has been made with the right process and quality to produce a coffee without caffeine before raw coffee beans are still green baked, so you will get and enjoy coffee with a little caffeine.

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Although many coffee decafs in the form of K Cup, decaf coffee made by Community coffee can be recommended as coffee that you can enjoy.

Community Coffee K Cups DECAF is made from Arabica coffee beans, it is this that the decaf coffee is very delicious.

2. Community Coffee K Cups Dark Roast

This product is a Community coffee signature Blend Dark Roast single serve coffee K Cups. As the best coffee product, of course, this coffee is baked so it produces a perfect flavor and dark sensation. As a coffee with characteristic dark roast, this coffee has a rich and bold flavor, made from 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Community Coffee K Cups Dark Roast
Community Coffee K Cups Dark Roast (Picture source:
Interested in enjoying the Community Coffee K Cups, you can order it quickly through online services, which can be via eBay or Wallmart.

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