Cuban Coffee Beans

Talking about coffee means talking about enjoyment. It is what causes coffee to be a favorite drink that has many fans. Coffee has many types, depending on where the origin of the cultivation area and one of the coffee that attracts attention to be discussed is the Cuban Coffee Beans. We have known together, that Cuba is a country that has planted more than two centuries of coffee. And coffee planted is a favorite coffee that is highly preferred coffee lovers are arabica coffee.

Unlike other coffee, Cuban coffee has a distinctive flavor, which is a coffee that is thick with a very strong flavor and also very delicious. Cuban coffee is a traditional coffee with a characteristic of dark roasted, usually milled fine, and often enjoyed in an espresso style. Coffee commodities in Cuba are widely planted in the eastern part of Cuba in the mountains of Sierra Mestra, in this area the climate is very supportive of reddish-brown soil very fertile with a lot of humus content that makes this coffee planted without the presence of chemical fertilizers. This is what caused Cuba to be known as the best organic coffee production center.

Cuban Coffee Beans
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Best Cuban Coffee Beans

Many things that cause Cuban coffee beans to be the best coffee beans, in addition to the traditional method of coffee preparation is done by roasting coffee beans and then put them in "Pilone" wood, new coffee then soaked in hot water and soil, then filtered with a cloth bag.

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In addition to the Sierra Maestra mountains, other mountains are the largest coffee producer, the Escambry Mountains in central Cuba. In the West, coffee grows in Guaniguanico, and on the east, coffee grows in Pegunugan Nipe and Sagua-Baracoa.

The history of Cuban coffee is very interesting, in the mid-1700, coffee began to be introduced to Cuba, and around 1790 coffee began to be exported to Spain, and at the time, the coffee industry in Cuba grew rapidly, especially since the existence of the Haitian Revolution, which led to the French coffee farmers in Haiti who fled and began farming in Haiti.

Cuban Espresso Coffee Beans

In the United States alone, Cuban coffee becomes a very popular coffee, many Cuban residents in the United States in Miami make Cuban coffee consumed in the United States.

Cuban coffee drinks are more commonly referred to as Cafecito, Cafe Cubano, or Cuba's espresso, which is the first espresso coffee developed in Cuba after an Italian coffee machine is used in Cuba. Cafecito is a coffee drink produced from a traditional espresso machine or using Italian Moka pots (Machinetta).

Cafecito drinks (Cafe Cubano) is a coffee drink made by producing espresso with demerara sugar, during the coffee-making process. The unique flavor of Cafecito is made due to the heat of sucrose hydrolysate espresso which causes different sweetness by adding sugar in the end.

Cuban Coffee Beans Amazon

You are interested in the signature dish of Cuban coffee, you do not need to go to Cuba to enjoy this deliciously delicious coffee drink. You can get coffee from the largest retail store in the United States, Amazon, by purchasing Nespresso Coffee with Cafecito de Cuba products, made from Cuban coffee beans.

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