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Coffee is still a favorite drink that must be enjoyed every morning, in addition to being a habit, enjoying coffee will be more excited because of the caffeine effects that exist in it. But among some coffee lovers, some are not strong in the presence of caffeine, so it should reduce the intensity of enjoying coffee. The caffeine content in coffee can indeed bring benefits, but sometimes it carries side effects for the unstrong with caffeine levels. But nowadays with the development of technology, coffee is made without any caffeine content, called coffee decaf. Even in the various coffee shop already provide various kinds of coffee decaf good for decaf hot coffee and also Decaf Iced Coffee.

Nowadays there are many coffee maker companies, even a coffee shop that provides a variety of coffee that does not contain caffeine, either instant coffee or coffee that is ground by itself. So for you coffee lovers, but have problems with the stomach, you stay safe to enjoy coffee. Although it is currently a lot of coffee without caffeine, it is recommended to consume coffee without caffeine still do not overdo it in enjoying coffee.

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Decaf Iced Coffee Caffeine

Curious about coffee decaf?. Coffee Decaf is a coffee without caffeine content therein. But in reality, it is not free of caffeine at all, but it remains a caffeine content with not as much amount in coffee as generally. In coffee decaf, caffeine is eliminated as much as 97%.

Based on some sources, on how to remove caffeine from coffee beans, one of them is using water and organic solvents or carbon dioxide. And the coffee decaf has a mild flavor, as well as the color and aroma, are not concentrated.

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Retrieving information from, in one cup of decaf coffee with a size of 180 ml containing 0 to 7 mg of caffeine, different things with ordinary coffee containing caffeine 70 to Bran 140 mg. By looking at the results of the research, then coffee decaf can be an option for those of you who are sensitive to caffeine or deliberately want to reduce the dose of caffeine due to health reasons.

Caffeine has benefits for the body, such as improving the mood, making it more energizing and also boosting metabolism. However, behind the positive benefits, some effects need to be considered, namely can cause anxiety, insomnia, increase in heart rate, digestive problems until it can affect fertility.

Besides the effects arising, which need to be known is the ordinary coffee or coffee decaf contains the same health benefits, meaning that the coffee without caffeine and ordinary coffee equal to contain antioxidants useful to ward off free radicals. Hydrodynamic acid and polyphenols are the primary antioxidants capable of reducing antioxidant damage and help prevent various diseases, such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Decaf Iced Coffee Recipe

With that little caffeine content, it seems interesting to try to make a coffee decaf own, especially with the addition of ice cubes so it makes a delicious flavor to your homemade decaf iced coffee.

The simple way recipes make coffee decaf at home are:

1. Soak the coffee beans.

To make a coffee without caffeine, the first step is to soak the coffee beans first. Coffee beans soaked, must use coffee beans that are still green and fresh, then soak using ethyl acetate or methylene chloride solution.

Next step, fill the bowl with coffee beans with the water is still hot or with a solvent, and let it soak for a few minutes. Then strain and repeat the steps. This repetition process greatly determines how much caffeine can be eliminated.

2. Roasted coffee beans

The next step is to bake the coffee beans. The roasting process can be done in the oven, by inserting coffee beans that have been soaked into the baking pan. For the best results, spread the coffee beans and make sure that no coffee beans are stacked.

The process of roasting coffee beans can be done between 10 to 15 minutes with a temperature of 230 degrees Celsius. When you're done, lift and chill.

3. Milled coffee beans

Once the process is passed, the roasted coffee is milled.

4. Making Decap Iced Coffee

To make an iced coffee decaf, you can brew the coffee with hot water, then chill or add ice cubes to make the decaf iced coffee more delicious.

It feels like nothing is impossible, although you have problems with the stomach, enjoying DECAF Iced Coffee can be a solution to enjoy the coffee can still be done.

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