Coffee and coffee mugs are two important things that can not be separated and become a whole. Likewise with you as a coffee lover desperately need coffee to start the activity in the morning. The mug is an important part of coffee drinkers, can even be very personal. There are a lot of ways to make things personal, including those for merchandise business owners who offer coffee lovers with the program "design your own coffee mug". Not only for the makers who offer coffee lovers but many media that give away to design coffee mugs to give the maximum meaning for the coffee mug itself.

On the internet itself, many are sharing tips and also provide a way how to make the creations of cups and mugs with your design. But not in the sense of making a cup or making a place of drinking from ceramic materials, such as a ceramic maker in general. But the precedence here is how to add a personal element to the mug that is plain without motive so that it becomes a coffee mug that is unique and different and only belongs to you.

In this theme, two main things give information on how to make a coffee mug in the sense of designing your own, and in the same theme how to order a mug on the booth creations with the design of your wishes.

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Design Your Coffee Mug At Home

This time, we will try to design the coffee mug that we want, with focus on adding a personal element to the coffee mug plain or still not drawn to make the coffee mug is unique and different.

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Required Tools:
  • Coffee mug made of ceramic, with a plain mug on its surface.
  • Special cream to make a ceramic pattern (Armor Glass Etching Cream).
  • Stencil Prints
  • Stencil letters, to add the initials name on the coffee mug.
  • Water
  • Brush to paint.
Steps to make:
  1. Prepare a mug, and make sure the mug will be drawn in a dry and clean state.
  2. Place the stencil mold on the surface of the mug to be given the motif and pattern (stencil for this mold can only be used once).
  3. Apply the Armor Glass Etching Cream to the surface of the stencil mold evenly, and use a paintbrush to flatten.
  4. Let stand for ten minutes for the result to be good.
  5. Then wash it with clean water.
  6. Mug Coffee is ready to use enjoy coffee.

Design Your Own Ceramic Coffee Mug

Nowadays, there are a lot of coffee mugs printed with various interesting images, including coffee mugs with various writings that contain motivation, and also by writing funny words. These quotes and images were deliberately made to get the attention of coffee lovers. Besides, for coffee sellers, it also makes this to add income for them by selling coffee mugs with various pictures and interesting writing about coffee. Plus this makes it a favorite ad source for its coffee business.

Not only that, for the marketers of goods products, but this way is also a very cost-effective way, to increase the range of the target audience. Some mug sellers, also offer to consumers by giving a free design offers so that consumers want to order a mug on it. This is due to many companies and offices that use coffee mugs with the design according to the company profile as a form to demonstrate the existence of the company.

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