How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

Coffee is still a unique and curious drink, in addition to many things to talk about and also a lot of derivative products from coffee, ranging from coffee drinks to coffee making tools, including, a tool to enjoy coffee, ranging from coffee mugs to coffee tables. Many kinds of delicious coffee that is a favorite coffee lover, one of which is cold brew coffee, even out of curiosity, making many who are looking for information on how to make cold brew coffee at home, so they can enjoy this cold brew coffee at home.

There are three ways to enjoy cold coffee, namely cold brew, cold drip or iced coffee. All methods used in making cold coffee can produce delicious coffee, but on this occasion, we will only discuss cold brew coffee and also how to make it at home.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home;Cold brew coffee;
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1. Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is a coffee made by the soaking method, for a minimum of eight hours. And for the brewing process, the water used is ordinary white water with room temperature or can also use cold water. The characteristic of cold brew making lies in its treatment, which should not be exposed to heat temperature, so as not to extract the character acidity of coffee. And the result of cold brew flavor becomes lighter and special.

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One main thing to consider in the manufacture of cold brew coffee, that is very dependent on the time, when compared to the heat temperature to extract coffee. And the level on the coffee grinder uses a medium to the coarse method.

2. How To Make Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

Nowadays, the cold coffee menu has become a favorite for some coffee lovers, in addition to hot weather, make cold coffee to be a solution to enjoy coffee in cold condition. Likewise in the United States, the cold brew becomes a trend in enjoying coffee. Even with hot weather conditions, cause many coffee lovers trying to make cold brew coffee at home.

Because it makes it easy, ie by not using hot water, such as making coffee usually, ie only brewed by using water at room temperature or can be with cold water.

Many coffee experts convey that the cold brew method can avoid oxidized coffee from hot and water temperatures. Thus, the oxidized coffee will produce a whole flavor and have a sweet swamp.

3. Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Recipes make cold brew coffee for now using a very easy process and can be done by coffee lovers who are still in the learning stage. And to make this cold brew coffee, you can use the tool Hario Mizudashi coffee pot with a size of 1,150 ml and a coffee grinder.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home;Cold Brew Coffee Recipe;Hario Mizudashi coffee pot;
Hario Mizudashi coffee pot (Picture source:
Materials that need to be prepared, are:
  • 80 grams of coffee beans.
  • Coldwater with a volume of 1,150 ml.
Steps to create:
  1. Turn the coffee beans in the medium level coarse.
  2. Put the coffee powder that has been ground to the Sieve section of Mizudashi, then attach the sieve to the glass bottle.
  3. Pour water, then wash the coffee powder until evenly, and pour the water gently. And stop it when it reaches the center level of the grip.
  4. Turn slowly, so that the coffee can be mixed overall. Note Do not use pointed objects to avoid damaging the filter.
  5. Close the Mizudashi pot, and put it in the refrigerator, wait for eight hours.
  6. After entering the refrigerator for eight hours, take the Hario Mizudashi, then release the sieve.
  7. Cold Brew coffee ready to be served.
What needs to be attention is not all coffee beans are suitable for brewing as a cold brew coffee ingredient, so you can choose coffee beans with fruity character. Hopefully, the guide on how to make cold brew coffee at home is beneficial for you, and you can enjoy cold brew coffee at home.

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