Italian Coffee Brands

What do you imagine about Italy?. A country with tasty and delicious coffee drink products. Italy has many kinds of delicious coffee drinks besides espresso. Coffee culture makes coffee business in Italy growing rapidly. Even the coffee served in large size, and in Italy are found a small coffee shop, which can be enjoyed while leaving for the office. Apart from the many types of coffee drinks are very famous in the world. Italy also has Italian coffee brands that make Italy known as a country with a delicious coffee.

There are many types of coffee beverages originating from Italy, ranging from cafes, Cappucino, Macchiato, Marocchino, Caffe Latte, Shakerato, Caffe D'orzo, and many other Italian coffee drinks. Even one type of coffee drink that is also very well known, Caffe D'orzo, in Italian with barley coffee, this drink is very similar to barley roasted milled, so it does not contain caffeine, such as genuine coffee.

Apart from various types of coffee drinks, Italy also has a very famous coffee brand in the world. And for coffee lovers not familiar with this Italian coffee.

All Italian Coffee Brands

Lots of world coffee options to try, from a wide selection of coffee, Italian coffee brands become an interesting choice of coffee, but the interesting here is the Italian coffee country that does not have a coffee plantation, but the products are very famous.

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Here are five brands of Italian coffee, which can be chosen, namely:

1. Illy

Illy Coffee is a very famous Italian coffee. Illy itself comes from the name of the founding family of this coffee factory until now Illy Coffee Company is still run by the family members are Andrea Illy.

Italian Coffee Brands
Illy Coffee (Picture Source:
Illy Coffee is made from a mixture of roasted coffee with different degrees. Illy Coffee is made from 100% arabica. And in sales, the coffee is stored in a 3 kg tin and the Methylene Chloride is used to replace the oxygen in the cans.

2. Lavazza

Lavazza Coffee is a coffee that is derived from the combination of Brazilian Arabica coffee and African robusta coffee. So many people even coffee lovers who call this coffee as coffee from South America and Africa. And for the production of coffee is done in Turin, northern Italy.

Lavazza Coffee;Italian Coffee Brands;
Lavazza Coffee (Picture Source:
This coffee has a deep and large flavor, characterized by golden cream color and also warm color. Lavazza Coffee is a coffee that meets the quality of strict coffee standards and the selection of accurate coffee beans. With its delicious signature coffee flavor makes this coffee a traditional Italian product.

3. Segafredo

The coffee is also known as Segafredo Zanetti, in Italy, Segafredo is one of the largest coffee companies in Italy. Founded by Massimo Zanetti, this product has been scattered almost around the world.

Italian Coffee Brands
Segafredo Coffee (Picture Source:
The ingredients of coffee beans come from Peru, Kostarika, and Brazil. The coffee is packed with quite a unique, packed coffee in a vacuum and the packaging method is easily recognizable.

4. Kimbo

Kimbo Coffee Bean material originated from Brazil. Interestingly, coffee beans production from Kimbo, can be found in fancy bars in Paris, London and also Johannesburg. The coffee destruction is very popular in northern Italy and spreads to almost all corners of the world.

Kimbo Coffee
Kimbo Coffee (Picture Source:

5. Vergnano

Coffee Vergnano becomes a coffee company that remains steadfast on Italian traditions. This coffee became the best coffee and became one of the five famous Italian coffee brands. Vergnano Coffee products have been manufactured since the year 1880. Naturally, coffee Vergnano is famous in the Italian region and the countries of the world who import coffee from Italy.

Vergnano (Picture Source:
Interested in enjoying Italian coffee?. You can try Italian coffee brands that you can get to the marketplace you trust.

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