As a coffee lover, surely you have a dream to have a coffee shop business, although not big, enough to entertain you because the business starts with the hobby. Although only a coffee shop, at least you must have the necessary equipment to make the coffee flavors that you like and also for your coffee customers. For that, you must have the best coffee machine that can make delicious coffee, one of them is Keurig commercial coffee maker.

A must-have coffee machine is a coffee machine that can produce espresso quickly. Therefore, the Keurig coffee machine is chosen because it has been trusted as a coffee machine that can produce quality extraction of coffee beans. The espresso itself comes from the Italian language which means fast. To make coffee quickly, you have to use a coffee machine, because if you use manual brewing for your coffee shop, it will require a long process, and with an espresso machine will be able to make the coffee beans that have been ground through a spray of hot water under high pressure.

For the needs of a coffee shop, you can choose according to the type of coffee shop that you will open, there are several types of espresso machines are different depending on the needs of a super-automatic coffee machine, automatic coffee machine, semi-automatic coffee machine, a manual coffee machine and also a commercial coffee machine.

Keurig Coffee Maker Espresso

The use of a coffee machine for commercial needs is no limitation, maybe when your coffee shop is still small and new volume, you can use a simple espresso coffee machine. But when your coffee shop began to be known and started big, you should start to think about buying a commercial coffee machine, especially if you have started the hassles of making coffee with your small coffee machine.

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Having a commercial coffee machine becomes a dream for coffee shop owners and also a barista, this machine has a characteristic with big size and tough. Usually, the machine with this type has more than one group head which is useful to support the production speed. Also, the coffee machine with this type is usually resistant and strong.

Commercial type machines usually have a fairly high level of difficulty, so it is more often used by professional baristas. Because the use of this machine is complicated and technical. So no wonder this type of espresso machine segmentation is for large cafes that are very focused on the quality of the coffee.

Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews

There are a lot of Keurig coffee machines that you can choose, either for personal needs or for commercial needs. By using a quality coffee machine, then you will get coffee with the best flavor.

If you have a coffee shop that is not too big, you can use a private coffee machine, or use an automatic coffee machine, with an automatic coffee machine, then you can make coffee quickly.

But it is different if the coffee shop that you have is big, and you already have an experienced barista, plus the coffee shop you already have a lot of customers, then the solution is to start using a coffee machine with a commercial purpose. At this point, the main thing is the capacity in the processing. Then choose a coffee machine with a large capacity to cultivate coffee beans in one process. So when the order at the coffee shop is crowded, you will not bother and not confused.

Keurig Coffee Maker K475

One of the Keurig machines that must be chosen for commercial purposes is Keurig K475. This coffee machine can brew coffee as many as 8 cups of coffee at once in one process. This coffee machine is equipped with a touch screen that makes the coffee machine easy to operate

KEURIG COMMERCIAL COFFEE MAKER;Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews;Keurig Coffee Maker K475;
Keurig Coffee Maker K475 (Picture Source:
What is interesting about this machine is that there is an automatic feature when not in use so it can save energy. The water container can be easily removed so that it is easy to clean, and comes with a digital clock, and there is also a choice of languages: English, Spanish or French.

Keurig Commercial coffee maker is an important tool for those of you who already have a coffee shop business. Hopefully useful and increasingly successful.

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