Krups Coffee Maker

A coffee machine is still an interesting thing for coffee lovers, not only the owner of a coffee shop but also the connoisseur coffee observer development coffee machine. Another eye-catching coffee machine is the Krups Coffee Maker. Krups is one of the brands of coffee machines that use innovative strategies using advanced and latest techniques. Krups itself is a coffee machine that has a very precise specification when viewed from the temperature of the coffee, cream appearance also extraction time.

For those of you who love coffee, this coffee machine may be no stranger. Krups is a coffee machine that makes it easy to enjoy a cup of coffee without having to wait long. Krups is a long-standing brand in the market, and interestingly, it is the best brand of coffee machine that has a good reputation.

Krups Coffee Machine was founded by Robert Krups which has been established since the year 1846, which is one of the household appliance companies, including coffee machine manufacturers in Germany. Krups made the first coffee machine in 1979, and the Amazing coffee machine was able to grind more than 200 types of coffee. As one of the advanced coffee machine maker, of course, there are many kinds of coffee machine that has been made, one of them is Burr Grinder, which only needs small power, but can grind different kind of coffee that you like.

As a machine that focuses on satisfaction in producing the best coffee, below are given two Krups machines that can be used as consideration, when you are looking for a coffee machine, namely:

1. Krups Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto Circolo

I can only say "surprise" with this coffee machine, because this coffee machine besides used to make coffee, can also be used to make other drinks, such as tea, chocolate, and also frothy lattes.

Krups Coffee Maker;Krups Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto Circolo;
Krups Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto Circolo(Picture Source:
With this coffee machine, you can make your coffee at home, so you can save your money. And an interesting coffee machine, make coffee and it only takes about one minute with 19 bar pressure.

2. Krups Coffee Maker Xp5620

After discussing the coffee machine for use at home such as a Krups Dolce Gusto Circolo coffee machine. This Krups XP5620 coffee machine is already using a custom-developed auto tamping system that has been patented by Krups, which can produce a consistent espresso in every manufacture, from optimal aroma extraction and extraordinary crema. Coupled with a compact term block system.
This coffee machine has a power 1,450 watt equipped with a tube of stainless steel for a fast heating process that can maximize the optimal temperature. There are advantages with a rapid heating system, namely preventing the formation of water crust.

Krups Coffee Maker;Krups Coffee Maker Xp5620;
Krups Coffee Maker Xp5620 (Picture Source:
Using Krups Coffee Maker Xp5620, which is equipped with a safety system to protect the excess temperature. There is an auto tamping feature that makes the resulting espresso always consistent, and the main one is the coffee machine being easy to clean.

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In addition to the advantages, there must be a shortage of using Krups Coffee Maker Xp5620, which can only make one type of beverage, namely espresso and electric wasteful because the power used is very large.

So interested in using Krups Coffee Maker?. Obviously with an interesting model, if only for home use, you simply use a small, power-efficient machine, and can save on spending on coffee outside the house.

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