Low Carb Coffee Drinks

Speaking of coffee means talking about enjoyment. There are many benefits of coffee, one of which is for health, start to relieve drowsiness, increase concentration to reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer, but the coffee should be drunk without milk, sugar or other sweeteners. Nowadays low carb coffee drinks, become one solution to make coffee more useful as a fat reducer, especially in the abdomen area.

To be able to make coffee to be a fat scraper in the abdominal area can be done by adding butter and special oils. It can lose weight quickly and can increase energy.

low carb coffee drinks
Low carb coffee drinks (Picture source: www.food.com)
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The pioneering idea of combining coffee with butter is Dave Asprey, a businessman from the United States, who pioneered the presence of a diet by consuming bulletproof coffee. Asprey is inspired by the culture of Tibetan people who love to drink po cha, which is a drink of butter tea made from yak milk. Finally, Asprey made the drink on its version. Asprey makes coffee mixed with unsalted butter and coconut oil medium-chain triglycerides. According to Asprey, the coffee can boost metabolism, and the oil to burn fat and can make belly fat fade.

Butter coffee contains 500 calories and does not contain carbohydrates, so the body does not trigger an insulin response that gives a signal to the body to store fat. And the butter coffee just burns fat which is useless for the body.

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