The coffee machine is still an important element to make delicious coffee. Speaking of a coffee machine, the espresso coffee machine becomes a coffee machine that attracts coffee lovers to know more about the coffee machine. The coffee machine has a variety of shapes and brands, ranging from simple to very sophisticated. With the growing of coffee that is not only a regular drink, but coffee has also transformed into a prestigious beverage that many people liked. This is what causes large companies, such as Nestle interested in making Nestle coffee maker that can be owned by coffee lovers to make delicious coffee.

Nestle is a multinational company based in Vevey, Switzerland, which is specialized in food and beverage. Nestle was founded in the year 1868 by Nestle. There are a lot of food and beverage products made by this big company. There are coffee brands that are also manufactured by Nestle, such as Nespresso and Nescafe.

Nescafe Coffee Maker Review

Not much to know about Nestle coffee maker, most coffee machine users use more coffee machines more often seen in television commercials. But for coffee lovers and coffee observers, surely know and know about the development of coffee machines. Nestle Coffee Maker is one of the coffee machines made by Nestle.

The coffee machine made by Nestle is perfect, this coffee machine is not only used to make coffee with only water and then heated and produce hot water then stored to brew coffee, but this coffee machine is a premium coffee machine is a coffee machine that is capable of making coffee shop specialty premium. Nestle deliberately focused the sales of this coffee machine to the urban people as its target market.

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Nestle-made coffee machine does have a beautiful and unique shape, besides this coffee machine is like a gadget that has a technology to brew very simple coffee, the art of brewing and technology that is integrated with the application. The application that is inserted in this coffee machine is an application that can set the time in the water heating and release of coffee fluid using the mobile application.

There are two Nestle coffee machines that you can choose to complement your day in a coffee, which are:
  1. Nestle Coffee Machine Alegria
  2. Nestle Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto

Nestle Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto

In Italian, Dolce Gusto means sweetness and favors and a good personality. Nescafe Dolce Gusto is one of Nestle-made coffee maker that can make hot and cold drinks using capsules that can produce coffee in less than a minute. There are five flavors in capsule, Cappucino, Espresso Intenso, Grande Intenso, Nestea Peach or Mocha.

Dolce Gusto is a coffee machine made to meet the needs of the urban community that demands everything to be done quickly and in high quality. This machine was made by Krups, a German kitchen equipment manufacturer.

NESTLE COFFEE MAKER;Nestle Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto;
Nescafe Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto (Picture Source:
Precisely, if you choose Nescafe Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto as a coffee machine of your choice because this coffee machine is equipped with Eco Mode System that makes this coffee machine more energy efficient. And the Thermo Block system can make coffee in less than 30 seconds to present your desired coffee.

There are three models of Nescafe Coffee Maker Dolce Gusto that you can choose, namely:
  1. Genio has a capacity of 600 ml.
  2. Circolo has a capacity of 1.3 liters
  3. Piccolo

Nestle Coffee Machine Alegria

In addition to the Dolce Gusto coffee machine, Nestle also has another model coffee machine that is Nescafe Alegria. This Alegria coffee machine can provide a selection of quality beverages with delicious, efficient and affordable prices.

There are two different Nestle Coffee Machine Alegria, namely:
1. Nestle Coffee Machine Nescafe Alegria 8/50.
This coffee machine has a stylish machine model, simple and also has the newest technology. This coffee machine can make coffee consistently and in a short time with a choice of 4 products and also eight buttons of typical drinks of Nescafe Alegria. The Nescafe Alegria 8/50 type is perfect for business, hotel or office needs in need of coffee drinks over 50 cups in one day.

NESTLE COFFEE MAKER;Nestle Coffee Machine Nescafe Alegria 8/50
Nescafe Alegria 8/50 (Picture Source:
2. Nestle Coffee Machine Nescafe Alegria 8/60.
This machine has the same function as Nescafe Alegria 8/50, which distinguishes only lies in the ability to make coffee, this machine can make coffee over 60 cups in one day.

NESTLE COFFEE MAKER;Nestle Coffee Machine Nescafe Alegria 8/60. ;Nescafe Alegria 8/60;
Nescafe Alegria 8/60 (Picture Source:
Interested in owning Nestle Coffee maker?. Immediately get it at the nearest retail store in your city at an attractive price.

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