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Coffee pods, for coffee lovers, this one tool, seems to be an important tool as a tool to produce the best coffee. Is it coffee pods? A coffee pod is a tool used to reduce the time when brewing coffee and to keep the coffee feeling the freshness of the unused coffee so that it is not exposed to light and air. In essence, the pod on the coffee to keep the coffee flavor has a consistent strength. Therefore, these soft coffee pods become an indispensable tool, with a form like a teabag.

Coffee pods were discovered in 1934 by Francesco Illy, which was used to make espresso. In the process, nitrogen is deliberately inserted into the coffee pod, so that the coffee has a longer freshness.

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Cheap Soft Coffee Pods

Soft coffee pods are a tea bag-like coffee pod. Around the year 1974, the modern coffee machine made by Illy, Easy Serving Espresso, still uses soft coffee pods. But with a taste that can not be the same between coffee machines, due to the influence of water and coffee quality, this makes a big problem in a coffee pod machine.

Best Soft Coffee Pods

In its development, coffee pods become expanded, no longer shaped like tea bags, but using materials from plastics and aluminum. Coffee pods In this form have an inefficient weakness because the pod as a coffee place will be the waste that accumulates.

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A person named Dan McQuinn, the founder of Compound in cooperation with Nespresso to make the best coffee pod safe for the environment, this latest pod can break down and conserve the soil because it contains good elements for the soil.

As the latest coffee pod, the Nespresso coffee pod is an option to get the best coffee that is environmentally friendly.

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