Coffee is still one of the favorite drinks in the world, not only adults who love coffee, but also teenagers who start a lot of coffee. At normal size, a cup of coffee contains caffeine around 95 mg, but the body of the adult can be resistant and has a tolerance of up to 400 mg per day. But the tolerance level of each person is different, depending on many things. However, there is also coffee that has a high caffeine level called Super Caffeinated coffee.

Coffee is very much needed, especially for coffee lovers who always do activities in the morning with a variety of routines that must be done. Consuming coffee in the morning does give a spirit effect, this is due to the caffeine in coffee. Adequate amounts of caffeine are much needed, especially in the enjoyment of a cup of coffee. Caffeine has the benefits that are indispensable to the body to reduce fatigue, increase concentration and focus, and to reduce it also eliminates drowsiness.

Super Coffee Caffeine Content

Speaking of coffee that has a very high caffeine level, in some times this comes a coffee with very high caffeine content. Usually, the caffeine levels in coffee when measured per glass is a size of 12 oz or 355 ml. However nowadays, emerging coffee is made with very high levels of caffeine, e.g. caffeine levels in the Death Wish Coffee are 13.2 grams of caffeine per kilogram of coffee. If the normal content in the caffeine consumed by the public about 200 mg to 300 mg that is equivalent to 2 to 3 cups of coffee, then it can be said caffeine content in the Death Wish Coffee coffee can be very high.

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Enjoying and consuming caffeine in a reasonable amount is excellent for health, but when consuming too much caffeine is contained in coffee, it certainly becomes less good for health. Consuming too much caffeine can cause insomnia, trembling and can cause an anxious effect on coffee drinkers.

Super Coffee Caffeine Army

Speaking of coffee that has very high caffeine content, below there are some brands of coffee with very high caffeine levels (super caffeine).

1. Killer Coffee

Killer Coffee is a coffee product produced by Killer Coffee Co. From Australia. Coffee with the skull packaging is made from dark-roasted coffee beans that do not have a bitter taste, and its caffeine content in 355 ml contains 645mg.

SUPER CAFFEINATED COFFEE;Super Coffee Caffeine Army;;Killer Coffee;
Killer Coffee (Picture Source:
This coffee is a coffee that is recognized as the strongest coffee in Australia with caramel flavor.

2. Death Wish

You want to be awake because of the amount of work to be done, it is very necessary to drink coffee brand. Death Wish Coffee is a coffee that has a caffeine content of 728mg per 355ml. This Death Wish Coffee bean comes from Peru and India. Coffee has cherry and chocolate aromas.

SUPER CAFFEINATED COFFEE;Super Coffee Caffeine Army;;Death Wish Coffee;
Death Wish Coffee (Picture:

3. Biohazard Coffee

You are interested in a coffee made with no additions and any feedstuffs, and need coffee with high caffeine?. Then Biohazard Coffee can be chosen. The coffee is made from 100% robusta coffee beans tested in New York.

SUPER CAFFEINATED COFFEE;Super Coffee Caffeine Army;;Biohazard Coffee;
Biohazard Coffee (Picture Source: coffeestylish)
Biohazard Coffee is a coffee that in 355 ml contains 928 mg of caffeine. Biohazard coffee can be believed to increase energy much faster so that it can be dangerous when drunk too much.

4. Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge

This coffee comes from the UK with caffeine levels exceeding 1000mg or precisely 1101 mg per 355 ml. This coffee is made from robusta coffee beans originating in Rwanda. This coffee has a mixture of caramel and plum flavor. The maker of Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge prohibits consumers from drinking more than 2 cups of coffee per day.

SUPER CAFFEINATED COFFEE;Super Coffee Caffeine Army;;Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge;
Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge (Picture:

5. Black Label

Among the various coffee above, the Black Label Coffee becomes the highest caffeine content in the world. Black Label manufactured by Devil Mountain Coffee Co., the caffeine content in this coffee reaches 1,555 mg per 355 ml of coffee.

SUPER CAFFEINATED COFFEE;Super Coffee Caffeine Army;;Black Label;
Black Label (Picture:
So, even if you are very fond of super Caffeinated coffee, keep limiting in consuming it, so as not to affect the health.

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