Treasure Chest Coffee Table

Using a coffee table as a place to put coffee cups, seems to be a must because enjoying coffee without the place to put coffee seems to interfere with the comfort of enjoying coffee. Many coffee table models can be used for decoration in the living room, in addition to the function to put the goods, have furniture can be an interesting collection. One of the coffee tables that has the double function is "Treasure Chest coffee table". It can be said to be unique because it uses a modified treasure chest as a coffee table.

Treasure Chest has nothing to do with a coffee table, but with a creative idea and an imagination to be able to use unused goods and modify this furniture, then the treasure chest can be served as an attractive coffee table. Speaking of a treasure chest then our memory will remember a chest that is used to store the treasure, in the form of gold, a jewel in a chest that is often carried by a pirate. The current chest is also used to store clothing and valuable items.

Treasure Chest coffee table
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Vintage Treasure Chest Coffee Table

Do not mischoose antique furniture to fill your living room, let alone the concept of a home user is a unique minimalist concept. Its unique shape makes the treasure chest suitable to be placed in the middle of the living room as a guest table and focal point. Using a treasure chest as a coffee table reminds about a coffee table with a model elevator top coffee table, that is the surface of the coffee table can be used to put the goods and inside the table can be used as a storage place.

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To choose a treasure chest as a coffee table, choose it with a vintage concept and select its straight surface and don't pick a treasure chest with curved shapes on top of it, as it can't be served as a coffee table.

Wooden Treasure Chest Coffee Table

A coffee table that comes from the treasure chest, is currently a trend for interior with the minimalist vintage room concept. Even if you are interested, you just order it to the furniture craftsmen or furniture retail stores that can prepare a coffee table with a model like a treasure chest.

Like a chest, then, of course, this coffee table can be opened and enabled like a treasure box, which is to store your favorite items, such as books, newspapers, or various other items.

This is the idea of using the "Treasure Chest coffee Table" furniture to fill your living room. Hopefully useful and thank you.

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