Coffee is an interesting drink, in addition to being a unique type of beverage, coffee also has a lot of derivative products related to coffee, ranging from just ornaments, coffee mugs as a place to drink, up to coffee machines to make delicious coffee. One of the few personalized products is the coffee mug. The coffee mug has many kinds with a variety of models, which makes coffee lovers must have it, even many models of a unique coffee mug, one of which is the Viking coffee mug.

Coffee mugs Become a personal tool that coffee lovers must-have. Besides being used to enjoy coffee, coffee mugs also often become kitchen utensils, as well as decoration at home. The design and models are also very diverse, ranging from minimalist coffee cups, vintage coffee mugs, coffee mugs unique with the character, to a custom coffee mug that picture, even the shape can be made to your liking.

Talking about coffee mugs is indeed exciting, coffee mugs do have a role to provide comfort while enjoying coffee. Sometimes you want to have a coffee mug that is different from other forms, Viking mug Coffee can be an option.

Viking Horn Coffee Mug

One of the easiest coffee spots is a mug of goat story inspired by goats dancing in the 13th century. The actual goat mug pattern is the same as the Viking Horn coffee mug model. Then it is not surprising if goat mug design is made similar to goat horns.

VIKING COFFEE MUG; Viking Horn Coffee Mug; Goat mug;
Goat Mug (Picture Source: hiconsumption)
I deliberately made writing about goat mug, a coffee place in the form of horns, in addition to the shape is almost the same as the Viking horn, also the design goat mug makes your coffee ritual, made easier because of the curved corners. Designer Goat Mug deliberately makes this coffee mug uniquely shaped, to meet the needs of contemporary coffee lovers who want a nice style and function of coffee drinking.

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An interesting holder is made of faux leather or hemp fabric, so it could be a place to put a mug. And mug coffee is made from a healthy material and BPA-free (Bisphenol-A). Besides, the goat mug is made from 100% resistant to leaking so you will not be worried if there is a coffee stain that pollutes your jeans.

There are two sizes of goat mug, 12 oz, and 16 oz. Goat Mug size 12 oz can accommodate coffee up to 350ml, while the size of 16 oz can accommodate coffee up to 470 ml and can be heat resistant up to 2 hours. The interesting goat Mog is also equipped with stylish straps, as a complement to accessories.

Viking World Tour Coffee Mug

This coffee mug Model is a coffee mug made of ceramic material that is often used in the manufacture of a mug in general. The option of using a coffee mug made from ceramic is a place to drink that is suitable for holding heat, preserving the flavor and aroma of coffee. Besides, the grip on the coffee mug makes the grip becomes stronger, so enjoy coffee tastes delicious.

Viking World Tour Coffee Mug;VIKING COFFEE MUG;
Viking World Tour Coffee Mug (Picture Source:
Most mug coffee with the model Viking World Tour Coffee Mug is a coffee mug given interesting pictures with various pictures and writings with the idea of the Viking as a strong and brave nation. This makes coffee lovers love the coffee mug with Viking images.

Viking coffee Mug is indeed a very interesting ingredient for coffee lovers who are brave and have a personal soul. Hopefully, this little writing is useful for you. Thank.

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