A coffee table is one of the furniture that always decorates the living room, this furniture becomes one of the furniture that provides added value to the owner. In addition to the function to put a cup of coffee, a coffee table can also be used to put a variety of goods on it, for example, food or some work tools or just a book and a magazine. There are a lot of coffee table models that you can have, but this depends heavily on the design of your home and the living room design. White Distressed wood coffee table, could be your choice to fill the living room.

The coffee table is a table that has a smaller size and usually, this table is placed in the living room, this table is usually placed between the couch and other furniture objects. Besides its function to decorate the space, the coffee table is also a central point of attention from the interior design of the living room.

The type of coffee table with wood material does have many varieties and types, including a coffee table with the distress model. Distress is one kind of technique to cultivate wood with the aim that the wood looks to be like an old age wood. Wood processing technique with distress technique is very suitable for furniture with antique and rustic models.

Distressed Painted Wood Coffee Table

Having a coffee table with different models becomes a pleasure and sensation of its own, let alone the coffee table becomes a favorite place to enjoy the time as well as the place you work at home. There is a way for wood to look like it has long been used. The important thing to note is that the characteristics of the furniture are owned, it has a function to be able to recognize which part you want to be made to look like worn out.

WHITE DISTRESSED WOOD COFFEE TABLE;Distressed Painted Wood Coffee Table;
Distressed Painted Wood Coffee Table (Picture Source: pinterest.com)
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From the many furniture, a coffee table is one of the furniture that is very easy to do finishing with chalk paint and technique distress, because it has a very simple shape. On the coffee table, the part that you want to make becomes obsolete, located on the top table and the elbow.

Distressed White Wood Coffee Table

As a coffee lover, then have a coffee table seems to be a necessity, especially with having a white coffee table, plus again with a coffee table that we have a distressed design coffee table, certainly become more interesting. The distressed coffee table looks more awesome, this is due to the use of chalk paint. Chalk paint is deliberately chosen to make a coffee table distressed interesting because its color is pastel. Paint in pastel colors, this is suitable for all furniture with vintage style or even shabby chic.

WHITE DISTRESSED WOOD COFFEE TABLE; Distressed White Wood Coffee Table;
Distressed White Wood Coffee Table (Picture Source: www.overstock.com)
Why distressed coffee table using white color?. This is because the chalk paint is used to have a color that is almost similar to lime for a whiteboard. As a coffee table that has a different design with a common type of coffee table design, this coffee table does provide attractive added value, especially for those of you who use a vintage concept as the concept of a house that you use.

The most important is not how expensive the furniture is, but the main thing is how the coffee table function can provide comfort for you at home.

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