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Coffee is still the main dish in the morning before starting the activity. The caffeine it contains creates an extraordinary spirit effect to start the activity. However, in addition to the pleasure of hot coffee, there is still delicious coffee that is good to drink in cold, ie cold brew.  For coffee lovers, must have often enjoyed this cold coffee dish, cold brew is a coffee made by the method of "soaking" with a minimum time of 8 hours. To spread it, use plain water with room temperature. To make cold brew, it takes the best cold brew coffee maker that will help get cold brew delights.

To date, cold brew coffee serving or cold brewing is a trend in enjoying coffee. This is evident with the many cold brew coffee makers that are manufactured to make delicious cold brew. Coffee enjoyment makes this drink a favorite drink, especially with product innovations that make this beverage serving more diverse.

With the growing coffee, the tools to make coffee increasingly varied, cold brew or cold press coffee becomes the most sought after tool. If first to get cold brew should buy it at the coffee shop. But nowadays with the innovation of the coffee machine factory chooses the coffee machine to become very much, including cold brew coffee maker.

1. Best Cold Brew Coffee To Make at Home

Due to the pleasure of cold brew, this makes the company coffee maker innovating by making cold brew coffee maker that can be used at home. There are 5 types of cold brew coffee maker, among others:
  • Toddy Cold Brew.
  • Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot.
  • Body Brew Bod
  • OXO Good Grips
  • Brewover Cold Brew

- Toddy Cold Brew.

This tool is a tool to make a cold brew that is practical and simple, consisting of two components, namely brewing container is a place to brew coffee and glass decanter for brewed coffee. This coffee maker has a simple form and way of using, which is to enter the coffee powder that will be brewed into the container, and do not need to be stirring, quite gently immersed.

Toddy Cold Brew;Best Cold Brew Coffee To Make at Home;Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Toddy Cold Brew (Picture Source:
Then stay let stand for eight to twelve hours. This coffee machine product is so simple that it becomes a favorite of coffee lovers.

- Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot.

The concept of this coffee machine is minimalist, and includes an elegant cold brew coffee maker, and has two parts integrated with a pitcher with a maximum size of 1 liter.

Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot;Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker;Best Cold Brew Coffee To Make at Home
Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot (Picture Source:
Hario coffee machine can make cold brew with easy process, by filling the coffee powder into the basket filter, then pour the water and let stand for nine to twenty-four hours, your favorite cold brew can be enjoyed.

- Body Brew Bod

This cold brew coffee maker design is very stylish, has a sleek shape that confirms that this coffee maker is very stylish. And interestingly, besides the style also has good quality. In this machine, there is a stainless steel filter that is rust-resistant and will not cause corrosion.

Body Brew Bod;Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker;Best Cold Brew Coffee To Make at Home
Body Brew Bod (Picture Source:

- OXO Good Grips

This one coffee maker Model has a modern enough design to brew coffee. In the upper reservoir, there is a filter that has a function with a Rainmaker system, that is when water, water will fall evenly into all parts of coffee.

OXO Good Grips;Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker;Best Cold Brew Coffee To Make at Home
OXO Good Grips (Picture Source:
There is also a switch that can only be pressed to start the dripping process to the bottom server. To stop dripping just drop him again.

- Brewover Cold Brew

This coffee machine is very interesting because it has a multifunctional concept.  That combines the concept of Chemex and V60 that can maximize the function of brewing coffee. With the control, the valve will give control when brewing coffee.

Brewover Cold Brew;Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker;Best Cold Brew Coffee To Make at Home
Brewover Cold Brew (Picture Source:

2. Best Hot and Cold Brew Coffee Maker. 

With the growing needs and also wishes, plus the efficiency factor, coffee lovers expect a tool that can be used when wanting a hot coffee or when making cold brew. Here is a coffee machine that can be used to make a hot and cold brew that is Hario V60 Glass Iced Coffee Maker 700ML.

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Perhaps many say that this V60 is not suitable for cold brew, but when you need a tool that can make your favorite cold brew, this coffee machine becomes a solution. In making cold coffee, Hario becomes the forefront of this coffee machine.

Hario V60 Glass Iced Coffee Maker 700ML;Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker;Best Hot and Cold Brew Coffee Maker.
Hario V60 Glass Iced Coffee Maker 700ML (Picture Source:
Hario V60 Glass Iced Coffee Maker 700ML It allows you to brew hot coffee and also cold brew.  This coffee machine has a capacity of 700ML which can make two to four cups of cold coffee. Hario's iced coffee maker design is made from high-quality glass and heat resistant to a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius.

Hopefully, cold brew favors can be immediately made at home with the best cold brew coffee that is now available in various marketplaces.

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