Blue Mountain Coffee K Cups

Blue Mountain Coffee K Cups - Some are interesting about coffee. Coffee is still a delicious beverage that is a favorite of coffee lovers. Another dish of coffee, which is coffee from Jamaica whose charm makes coffee lovers not tired to want to enjoy.

Jamaica Blue Mountain became a rare type of coffee in the world produced in the Blue Mountain area of Jamaica located between Kingston and Port Antonio. In general, this coffee is planted at an altitude of 7500 feet with high rainfall, producing coffee beans with the best quality.

It is not wrong that in the end, Jamaican coffee Blue Mountain is crowned as one of the world's expensive coffee, this is due to coffee fruit requires a longer maturity compared to the type of other coffee fruit, coupled with the harvest process until the production of coffee is done, still done traditionally and done by hand.

Because of its expensive and unique price makes the world's coffee producer, Keurig interested in making coffee products in the form of capsules with coffee material from Blue Mountain called Blue Mountain Coffee K Cups. Keurig's interest is also due to a unique fact that 80% of the production of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is exported to Japan and the remaining 20% in exports to the world.

Blue Mountain Coffee K Cups
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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee K Cups

Keurig is a large company that produces coffee and equipment in the United States, precisely at Burlington, Massachusetts. The company produces many types of coffee, especially with capsules that can be used in the coffee machine.

Keurig's interest in this type of Blue Mountain coffee is very reasonable, and the main reason is obvious because the price is very high, even at a price reference per 500 grams, data around August 2012 have a price of USD 45. And with the present condition year 2020, the price of this coffee has a higher price. Besides, Blue Mountain coffee has a taste that is not bitter that causes coffee is very liked by lovers of world coffee.

100 Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee K Cups

This coffee was introduced in Jamika in 1728. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has become a very sensational variety of Arabica coffee, the appeal of coffee lies in its mild and not bitter taste. Keurig as a coffee provider along with coffee capsules are very interested in the development of coffee, it is demonstrated by the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee K Cups products that you can get in various online retail stores, such as Amazon, Walmart and coffee shop that provides this type of K-Cups.

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Speaking of coffee developments, Blue Mountain Coffee K Cups becomes an expensive coffee product that has its sensation when enjoying it.

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