How To Make Cold-Brewed Coffee

How To Make Cold-Brewed Coffee - Coffee, who does not know with this one favors drink. And everyone must have a favorite coffee that he likes. Some are fond of sugar-less coffee, and some also love espresso mixed with sugar and milk that makes the coffee a delicious treat. Surely every coffee lover has their reason to love the coffee. And the serving of this drink when taken appropriately and not excessive will provide benefits to the body. With the development of how to process coffee into a deliciously serving coffee drink, nowadays start many types and varieties of coffee drinks, one of which is cold-brewed coffee which gives a different atmosphere to enjoy coffee.

As a very preferred beverage, coffee becomes a class drink, especially with many choices in a coffee presentation. Even today, coffee is not only served in hot conditions, but the current trend also serves coffee in a cold state. Surely worry to enjoy coffee because caffeine levels cause people to reduce the intensity of enjoying coffee. Therefore nowadays coffee lovers start looking for an alternative way to brew coffee that is friendly to the body.

What is Cold Brewed Coffee

It is interesting to discuss the method of brewing coffee in this way. Curious? Curious because this way is a new way to enjoy coffee. Cold-brew is a technique for brewing black coffee powder with cold water or with a water temperature chamber that is carried out approximately 18 to 24 hours to get the optimal flavor of the coffee.

How to make cold brew is very simple, that is only by brewing coffee powder using soaking it in the glass then allowed and filtered, or can also use a tool to brew special coffee, such as cold drip or French press.

Cold-brewed coffee ;How To Make Cold-Brewed Coffee
Cold-brewed coffee (Picture source:
The technique of brewing cold coffee is very attractive to some people, especially for coffee lovers who want to get a different sensation from enjoying coffee because this technique can produce concentrated coffee concentrate, even interesting, this coffee concentrate can be enjoyed directly as a black coffee drink without any complement, or if you want to get a different sensation of staying adding milk, creamer, sugar and even another sweetener.

Why should Cold Brewed Coffee?

This question is interesting, besides cold-brewed coffee becomes a drink of choice, cold-brewed different from cold coffee drinks or iced coffee. If Ice coffee is obtained from the coffee powder is formulated and dissolved with hot water, then added ice cubes to cool. It is different from cold-brewed coffee that is obtained from soaking black coffee powder with cold water or at room temperature.

And that distinguishes also the way in making it than the technique of making ice coffee or other cold coffee. If the cold-brewed takes up to 24 hours to make coffee concentrated, and this process is very similar to how to make infused water that produces a smoother flavor and aroma.

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Answering the question above, then the taste of cold-brewed coffee does not have excessive acid such as traditional coffee. In cold-brewed be the option to enjoy coffee because it is safer because cold-brewed coffee is made very safe for you coffee lovers who have problems in the digestive tract, such as an ulcer or stomach acid reflux. Besides cold-brewed coffee also has low theobromine than black coffee brewed with hot water. One cup of black coffee made with hot water contains 62 milligrams of caffeine, it is different from cold brew coffee concentrates that contain caffeine around 40 milligrams.

How To Make Best Cold Brew Coffee

Curious about the taste of cold-brewed coffee? You can try to make yourself at home. And below will be given simple steps to make cold-brewed coffee.

Simple steps to make cold-brewed coffee;How To Make Best Cold Brew Coffee
Simple steps to make cold-brewed coffee (Picture source:

Materials needed, among others:
  • Spoon or wooden spatula
  • Black powder coffee, according to tone tastes, can be arabica, robusta coffee, or any other type of coffee.
  • A coffee filter, a clean thin cloth, or a large sieve.
  • Glass jars or large closed containers
  • Large bowl.
  • Coldwater.

How to make Cold Brew Coffee:
  1. Pour the coffee powder into the container of choice, then incessant with cold water. The comparison to make the best coffee is 1:8 coffee and water.
  2. Then stir until the coffee is blended well. Close the coffee container meeting, let stand for 18-24 hours (can be in room temperature or a refrigerator).
  3. After the time, strain the coffee with a sieve into a large bowl. Repeat the filtering up to 2-3 times until the color concentrates the clear coffee without the residue of the coffee powder left.
  4. Serve. You can add ice, creamers, milk, or sugar to your tastes. Save the rest in the refrigerator. If stored well, cold brew coffee can hold up to 2 weeks to a month.

Interested in making delicious dishes cold-brewed coffee? Hopefully, the inscription "How To Make Cold-Brewed Coffee" is useful for you. And you can make yourself at home to enjoy a delicious dish of cold-brewed coffee.

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