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Enjoying coffee is part of life which is amazing. Imagining life without coffee seems to have been out of the 2016 world and there is less because coffee is already a part of life. Even when receiving guests at the office, coffee dishes for guests are already a habit that should be served, if the guest who comes only one person, could directly use a coffee filter. But what if the guest comes in more than three people. Of course, you need a coffee machine that can provide coffee that can make a large and fast amount of coffee. One of these coffee machines is Bonavita Coffee Makers, which can provide and serve coffee quickly and can produce the best quality coffee.

Bonavita is an automatic tool and coffee machine making company, besides, Bonavita also produces a very good electric kettle under the name Bonavita Bouilloire. Speaking of Bonavita coffee machines that can make a large amount of coffee, Bonavita gives two interesting coffee maker options namely Bonavita 5 cups brewer and Bonavita 8 cups brewer. Interestingly, Bonavita classifies this coffee machine not as commercial use, but simply as a household appliance or can be used in the office.

Bonavita Coffee Makers;Bonavita Digital Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe 5 cup - BV1500TD-CEV ;
Bonavita Digital Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe 5 cup - BV1500TD-CEV (Picture source: 

Bonavita Coffee Makers 5 Cup

As a coffee tool or can be used as a coffee maker, it can be said Bonavita 5 cups is the same as other coffee machines. Surely for Bonavita, this time to be discussed is Bonavita with a capacity of 5 cups, as follows:
  • Design and Specifications
There is a water tank that has a capacity for 5 cups with line indicators and white numbers. And there is a filter with a flat bottom type made of plastic with black color, thermal carafe equipped with a cover to keep the heat.

Bonavita coffee maker is made of stainless steel material and quality plastic, with a very precise shape even when disassembled.

This Bonavita coffee machine uses 1,100 Watts of power, so at least your home must provide at least 2,200 Watts of power to be smooth when operated.

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  • Bonavita's Use to Make Coffee
To make coffee, you can fill the water with maximum capacity, then grind the coffee according to the desired ratio or according to your taste, and put it in a basket that has been fitted with a paper filter.

When ready to press the "on" button and Bonavita will work immediately and it doesn't take long, less than a minute, water is already flowing from the shower screen.

Bonavita Coffee Makers Reviews

In general, Bonavita deliberately presents "Bonavita Digital Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe 5 cup (BV1500TD-CEV)" for those of you who want to get the convenience of enjoying coffee, especially those of you who have to serve a large amount of coffee.

With the presence of a high-quality heat resistant thermal teapot, Bonavita coffee makers can keep the coffee temperature hot for a long time. Interestingly for this coffee machine filter can use Bonavita #4 original paper filter, Aerolatte paper filter 4 cups, Brewista –original paper filter #4 white (BV-PFV403), or Coffeesock type 4 drip-style filter.

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