Colombian Coffee Brands

Coffee still gives its appeal, even the fragrant aroma when coffee is served, making people who do not like, want to try to enjoy this delicious coffee dish. In the world itself, many types of coffee provide the richness and diversity of coffee that gives the choice for connoisseurs to try a variety of favorite coffees that cool it down. One of the most eye-catching this time around is Colombian Coffee Brands. Coffee beans from Colombia are one of the best origins used by various coffee shops of arabica coffee varieties.

Coffee itself is a unique commodity, the type of drink produced from coffee beans gives a different taste and quality of each coffee produced. Coffee beans from different places have different characters, both in terms of aroma, taste, caffeine content, and acidity levels, the unique characteristic of coffee depends heavily on where the coffee grows. Similarly, coffee from arabica species has a rich taste when compared to robusta coffee. Arabica coffee has many varieties and has a unique characteristic, one of which is Colombian coffee beans.

In Colombia itself, arabica coffee was first introduced in 1800. Colombian coffee beans have a unique taste with strong flavors and aromas, also, Colombian coffee has a tobacco aroma, more smokey, and also not bitter.

Colombian Coffee

From various information and research often done by coffee experts, South America precisely countries in Latin America are the largest contributors to coffee sales in the world. The resulting coffee beans have a variety of types of coffee. One of the countries in Latin America that had the best coffee production was Colombia, although, at some time before that, coffee production in Colombia did not develop significantly until about the 19th century, in the following years around 1912, coffee became the largest commodity with a percentage of 50% of Colombia's total exports.

Colombian coffee is currently one of America's favorite coffees, Colombian coffee is produced from good soil contours, most of which grow in mountainous areas with a range of 900 meters to 2,300 meters, making Colombian coffee a favorite coffee of world coffee lovers.

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For flavor, Colombian coffee has a unique variety of flavors with varied flavors, from chocolate flavors and tends to be heavy to jammy, sweet, and fruity flavors.

Best Colombian Coffee Brands

Of course, there are many types and brands of Colombian coffee to choose from, all brands have characteristics that make you a Colombian coffee lover. There are some of the best brands to choose from, including:

1. Juan Valdez Coffee
Juan Valdez Coffee is one of Colombia's best coffees coming from the Santander area. Juan Valdez brand became a coffee brand in Colombia that helped farmers in the process of marketing coffee beans.

Juan Valdez Coffee;Colombian Coffee Brands;Best Colombian Coffee Brands;
Juan Valdez Coffee (Picture source:
Juan Valdez's concept is very interesting, as a marketing item, the concept of national branding used by using a fictional character named Juan Valdez, who is a coffee farmer who is very attentive to the quality of coffee he harvests.

2. Ospina Dynasty Gran Cafe Premier Grand Cru
It was discovered in 1835 by a pair of brothers who escaped from prison. Ospina is said to be one of Colombia's first large-scale commercial coffee farms.

And what's interesting is that Juan Valdez's coffee brand, then in the picture of a man in a hat and a donkey next to him is the brain of the Ospina family.

Ospina Dynasty Gran Cafe Premier Grand Cru;Best Colombian Coffee Brands;Colombian Coffee Brands;
Ospina Dynasty Gran Cafe Premier Grand Cru (Picture source:
This coffee tree was planted specifically at an altitude of 7,500 feet in a high area of volcanic ash in Antioquia Province, Colombia.

Gran Cafe Premier Grand Cru gives a nutty aroma with a hint of apricot aroma, with a coarse and balanced coffee body with an almond chocolate flavor.

3. Colombia Arabica Coffee "Finca Veracruz"
Finca Veracruz is one of the coffees with the best varieties of Colombian coffee. Colombian coffee beans are very well known for their perfectly whole beans, and there is uniqueness with a slight aroma of spices and aromas of cocoa when Colombian coffee is brewed.

Finca Veracruz ;Best Colombian Coffee Brands;Colombian Coffee Brands;
Finca Veracruz (Picture source:
As one of the best coffee in Colombia, this type of Finca Veracruz can be found in Amazon.

4. Colombian Milds
Speaking of coffee, then this coffee is a must-try Colombian mild produced from the coffee tree botanical species coffee arabica. It is cultivated in Colombia, the world's best coffee producing country.

Colombian mild ;Colombian Coffee Brands;
Colombian mild (Picture source:
The characteristic of Colombian Milds is its moderate acidity with a soft and smooth texture. This coffee can be ordered on the

It's interesting to talk about the world's best coffee and hopefully, information about Colombian Coffee Brands can provide information for those of you who want to try Colombian coffee.

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