Raw Edge Coffee Table

Coffee is still so interesting for coffee lovers, not only coffee, but all supporting products to enjoy coffee is very interesting to be discussed, one of which is a coffee table. So many choices of coffee table that can be discussed, especially for a coffee lover, a coffee table like one unit that must be there when enjoying coffee. Of course, everyone has their own choice to choose a coffee table as a favorite place to enjoy coffee. Among the various options of coffee table that have shape, design, and model, then the raw Edge coffee table so steal the attention of many coffee lovers who like tables made of raw wood.

The coffee table itself is a small dining table that is usually placed in a living room that has a function to put a drink or a snack when gathering with the family while enjoying coffee. The position of the coffee table placed between the couch and other furniture objects will provide artistic value that can steal attention from the guest's rung interior design which is usually placed in the middle of the room and surrounded by other furniture.

Raw Edge Wood Coffee Table

The coffee table currently becomes important furniture for someone, let alone the person has a hobby of enjoying coffee and more interesting if the furniture owned has a design out of the box that can attract attention, such as the use of raw edge wood coffee table as a place to enjoy coffee. The use of furniture as a favorite place will give more comfort for lovers of the coffee.

Raw Edge Wood Coffee Table;Raw Edge Coffee Table;
Raw Edge Wood Coffee Table (Picture source: instasaver.org)
Coffee table selection from raw edge wood material will give a unique sensation that will give an attractive visual appearance. One interesting thing is that wooden furniture will always be an option. And what is interesting is the wooden table of teak wood is the best furniture to choose, but unfortunately, the price of the teak board is very expensive, making the producers transfer it to a cheaper material is from tamarind wood.

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Teak wood as a furniture material is the best material because it has extraordinary durability, but that makes it expensive is the supply of teak wood which is increasingly less that can no longer meet consumer demand. To anticipate this, tamarind wood becomes an alternative that has almost the same quality as teak wood.

Raw Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table

Slab coffee table is an attractive coffee table selection, and the material of tamarind wood can be used as a material to create a raw edge wood slab coffee table. The advantage of using tamarind wood is that the tamarind wood tree can grow to a height of 4 meters which makes it easier to make a wooden table or even a plate-shaped coffee table and elongated.

Tamarind wood as a coffee table material is very precise because the tamarind wood taken from the tree can grow with a diameter of 1.5 meters, with the size it can make large size furniture such as a dining table or make a coffee table with a long size without connecting two wooden boards first.

Raw Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table;Raw Edge Coffee Table;
Raw Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table (Picture source: woodcapitol.com)
The use of Tamarind wood will also highlight a tough impression. In addition to making the edges or sides of the table of tamarind wood will make this table look natural because it follows the direction of wood growth. Usually, the specification of the raw Edge coffee table of tamarind wood material has a size 200 cm x 100 cm x 10 cm with a table height of 80 cm. For the color, you can choose with a raw or unfinished condition.

In essence, the most important of furniture, especially coffee tables are not fancy and expensive furniture, but the main thing is how the furniture can provide comfort when you enjoy coffee. Similarly, the raw Edge coffee table that shows the minimalist impression will give a relaxing and comfortable impression when enjoying coffee.

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