Removing Coffee Stains

Removing Coffee Stains - Coffee is still a fun part of life. Nothing can match the pleasure of enjoying coffee. For coffee lovers, enjoying coffee is everything and this drink will not be replaced by any kind of drink. However, behind the pleasure of enjoying coffee, do not let the pleasure be interrupted because unpleasant things are happening, such as accidentally drinking coffee spilled and staining clothes.

But don't get angry just yet, because clothes that accidentally get spilled coffee or a splash of coffee turn out to be very easy to clean. Most people must be panicking when their favorite clothes are exposed to coffee stains that are blackish-brown and must seem to stain clothes. Moreover, the clothes that are affected by coffee stains are white.

The main key to cleaning clothes from a splash of coffee stains is don't panic, therefore, below will be given easy tips on removing coffee stains that make dirty and stick to clothes.

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Removal of Coffee Stains

Coffee stains attached to clothes are difficult to remove, especially on white shirts. Several ingredients can be used to remove coffee stains on clothes.

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Ingredients that can be used to clean coffee stains, among others:
  • Baking Soda
One of these ingredients has many benefits, and one of them is cleaning coffee stains on clothes. It is very easy, prepare a towel that has been moistened with cold water, then rub gently on the surface of the shirt affected by coffee stains. And put a little baking soda on and rub it gently by turning, doing it slowly and repeatedly until the coffee stains are gone. Once the coffee stains are gone, wet the towel and clean the remaining baking soda on the cloth. Dry and stain the coffee will disappear.
  • Lemon
In addition to being beneficial for health, lemons can also help remove coffee stains on clothing, but only for clothes made of cotton. It's very easy, take thinly sliced pieces of lemon. Prepare towels that have been moistened with cold water. Apply lemon and squeeze a little on the surface of the clothes affected by coffee stains. Rub back with a wet towel. Dry and stain the coffee will disappear from the clothes affected by the coffee stain.
  • Vinegar
In addition to being useful for additional ingredients in food, vinegar is also known to be able to apply coffee stains on clothes. It's very easy. Mostly wipe the towel with water and gently rub it on the surface of the cloth affected by coffee stains. Then drop the vinegar and leave for three minutes. Rub gently with a moistened towel. Repeat constantly until the coffee stain is missing from the clothes. Once the stain disappears rub it back with a wet towel and wait until it is dry.

How To Remove Coffee Stains

In addition to using some of the above ingredients, coffee stains can also be cleaned using the following methods:
  1. Rinse clothes with warm water. This can be used for clothing with cotton, linen and fabric materials of similar materials, and start by rinsing coffee stains with warm water. To speed up the loss of coffee stains, immediately rinse with warm water, after the clothes are exposed to coffee stains to facilitate the cleaning process.
  2. Prepare hot water. Cook the water until it boils, and place the boiling water into a cup.
  3. Pour boiling water over the coffee stains. Lift a cup containing boiling water over the cloth affected by coffee stains, pour hot water from the height up the coffee stain, this method is very effective for removing stains from the fibers of clothing.
  4. Steps to take if the coffee stain has not been able to disappear. If the coffee stain has disappeared, wash the clothes that have been cleaned from the coffee stain immediately. If the coffee stain has not disappeared, continue the following steps.
  5. Wash stains with soap. Use dish soap to rub coffee stains and rinse thoroughly.
  6. Use a cleanser containing sodium percarbonate. The cleanser to remove the stains that are still attached and soak the clothes overnight.
  7. After the stain disappears, wash the clothes as usual.

For white clothing or fabric, you can add a solution of bleach to make the coffee stain completely disappear.

Hopefully the information "Removing Coffee Stains" is useful for you, and clothes affected by coffee stains can be reused immediately.

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