Robusta Coffee Brands

Robusta Coffee Brands - Getting to know about coffee is interesting, let alone coffee to be a compulsory beverage serving that must be available in the morning, as a generator of passion to start activities. So many types of coffee that we can choose to accompany the day, can be Arabica, robusta, or even liberica. But among the types of coffee that attracts attention is robusta coffee. Robusta itself comes from the word "robust" which means strong, it is according to the body of coffee Robusta or from its strong viscosity.

Robusta Coffee is a plant that grows in the lowland, and the best location to grow the Robusta coffee plant is at a height of 400 to 800 meters above sea level. And the optimal temperature for the growth of robusta coffee ranges from 24 ⁰ to 30 ⁰ Celsius with rainfall 2000 to 3000 mm per year.

Robusta Coffee and Its Characteristics

Robusta coffee is a type of coffee crop derived from some species especially Canephora, for that reason, then the source of plant seeds robusta coffee is not called with varieties but so-called clones.
Robusta coffee plants are very good when planted on loose soil and rich in organic matter, with soil acidity is ideal for this coffee plant at a value of 5.5 to 6.5. In its cultivation process, robusta coffee is highly recommended to be planted under the shade of other trees.

Robusta Coffee Brands
Robusta Coffee Brands (Picture source:
Coffee market, robusta coffee sold at a cheaper price than the Arabica coffee. This is what often leads to a lack of motivation for farmers who eventually tend to ignore post-harvest handling resulting in lower quality of the coffee.

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Robusta Aroma is not as strong as arabica, with a moderate to heavy viscosity with a bitter taste. The caffeine content of robusta has more than twice the size of Arabica coffee, which is about 1.7% to 4%.

Best Robusta Coffee Brands

In business, 99% of the world coffee Trade is mastered by the type of Arabica coffee and robusta coffee. Robusta coffee is manufactured by Asia-Pacific and African countries, while Arabica coffee is produced by many countries in South America.

There are several brands of world-famous coffee and also the most expensive coffee, namely:

1. Los Planes Coffee
This coffee was cultivated by the family of Sergio Ticas Yeyes on a farm in ElSalvador, Finca. Los Planes is one of the types of robusta coffee you should try.

Los Planes Coffee;Best Robusta Coffee Brands;
Los Planes Coffee (Picture source:

2. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
This coffee became a famous coffee growing at an altitude of 5,000 feet in the Blue Jamaica mountains. The place is growing by the characteristic of this type of coffee, which is always poured by heavy rain. Having a coffee flavor that is mild and not bitter becomes an excess of this type of coffee than other coffee. Jamaica Blue Mountain became a very famous coffee, and Japan as the largest coffee importing country Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee;Best Robusta Coffee Brands;
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Picture source:

3. Finca El Injerto Coffee
This is an expensive coffee that is caused made from small and rare nuts. In the manufacturing process, coffee beans are washed in one channel, then solved in two times the process intending to improve the quality of the coffee.

Finca El Injerto Coffee;Best Robusta Coffee Brands;
Finca El Injerto Coffee (Picture source:

4. Saint Helena Coffee
This coffee is a favorite of Napoleon Bonaparte planted on St. Helena Island, which is located in 1,200 mills from the west coast of Africa. This coffee is very popular and very expensive, which caused the cost of transportation to get this coffee which is very expensive so it affects the price tag of this coffee.

Saint Helena Coffee;Best Robusta Coffee Brands;
Saint Helena Coffee (Picture source:

5. Hawaiian Kona Coffee
This coffee has a unique flavor and is recognized as one of the most expensive coffees in the world, which is due to its rare coffee beans. If you want the original Hawaiian coffee type, then you should make sure that the Kona coffee you bought is pure 100%.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee;Best Robusta Coffee Brands;
Hawaiian Kona Coffee (Picture source:

6. Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee
Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee is one kind of delicious coffee that grows in Brazil near the Mantiquera mountains. This coffee is one of the expensive coffee that is caused by sweetness and has a sensation of fruit flavor.

Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee;Best Robusta Coffee Brands;
Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee (Picture source:
Interested in Robusta Coffee Brands? Hopefully, the information can be a little reference for you who are looking for robusta coffee enjoyment.

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