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Coffee is still a daily necessity, not only for a coffee addict but for coffee connoisseurs, coffee becomes a drink that should be available in the morning, in addition to being a daily drink, coffee also gives a spirited effect to start the day. Apart from the enjoyment of coffee, to make delicious coffee quickly, nowadays it takes a tool that can produce coffee quickly with the best quality coffee. Nowadays there are so many coffee machines available on the market that can meet your needs to make coffee quickly. Various brands are available, ranging from functions and prices that become guidelines for buying the best coffee maker. Among those sharing options, "Clover Coffee Machine", became a coffee machine that is now starting to become a favorite, especially since Starbucks acquired this coffee equipment company.

Clover Coffee Machine is a coffee making equipment produced by Coffee Equipment Company, a company that produces all coffee equipment originating from Seattle, USA. As the best company, the company that produces this coffee equipment is very focused on the production of equipment that produces high quality brewed coffee. With the quality of the machines it produces, Starbucks attracted and bought the company in 2008.

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks bought the Coffee Equipment Company after tasting a cup of coffee brewed with a clover machine, and also referred to the coffee produced with a clover coffee machine, as "the best cup of brewed coffee Howard Schultz has ever tasted".

Clover Coffee Machine Sale

Clover 1s is the first product from Coffee Equipment Company, which is a machine that can produce coffee brewed every cup. This coffee machine uses a brewing method very similar to the French squeeze method which is equipped with a vacuum system to separate coffee water from coffee powder.

Clover Coffee Machine
Clover Coffee Machine (Picture source:
It is appropriate that Starbucks choose the clover coffee machine as Starbuck's main machine. Clover Machine is the main heart in Starbucks coffee production so that visitors can directly brew coffee from real coffee beans.

The Clover Coffee Machine

Talk about Clover as the best coffee maker in Starbucks. Clover coffee machine has a very interesting system, namely the Clover Brewing System, which is a technology for brewing coffee that is very innovative in the world. This technology is a very unique method of brewing coffee, using a vacuum press. With this vacuum press method, coffee connoisseurs can find a rich and distinctive taste in one cup of coffee.

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Clover Brewing System has a digital control and coffee brewing time, and the brewing results can affect the taste and aroma of coffee.

It is interesting to talk about the coffee machine used by Starbucks, Clover Coffee Machine, being an interesting idea and option to get coffee from the perfect brew of a coffee machine.

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