Low Wattage Coffee Maker

Claimed to be a coffee lover, but does not yet have a coffee machine, it feels like there is less in enjoying coffee. Nowadays coffee machine is not only owned a coffee shop, but even coffee lovers at home have also started many who have a coffee machine to be able to enjoy the delicious drinking of coffee without being tied to the time and place. With the need to drink coffee, especially to enjoy coffee at home, it takes a coffee machine with a low wattage type coffee maker, in addition to not wasting electricity can also save money because they need to drink coffee at home is very different if you use a coffee machine for a coffee shop.

Having your coffee machine is already commonplace nowadays because, for coffee lovers, it feels like there is less if you haven't enjoyed a cup of coffee. Also, coffee is considered influential in a person's productivity, with a cup of coffee that will make a person more vibrant, fresher, and more able to concentrate. Therefore, coffee lovers need a coffee maker at home.

Low Wattage Single Serve Coffee Maker

The needs of a coffee machine for a coffee lover, besides being able to enjoy coffee according to his wishes, also a coffee lover can learn and create with his coffee. Of course, although you can make your coffee at home, even if it is made with the same coffee machine, the coffee you make will be different from the coffee you buy in the coffee shop.

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The taste of coffee is strongly influenced by the quality of the machine, coffee beans, the manufacturing process, the length of brewing, and various factors that affect the enjoyment of coffee. Therefore, although the coffee machine planned to be purchased is only used in a low wattage home, you should still pay attention to the type of coffee machine, the pressure of the bar, the features that are on the coffee machine, and the budget of funds needed to buy the coffee machine.

There are several types of single-serve coffee machines with low wattage to choose from, as follows:

  • Delonghi ICM15210 Drip Coffee Maker

Delonghi coffee machine with type ICM15210 Drip coffee maker can brew 10 cups of coffee because it has a capacity of 1.25 liters. It is suitable for home use because it has a modern and practical design with a plastic outer body and on a metal inner body.

Delonghi ICM15210 Drip Coffee Maker
Delonghi ICM15210 Drip Coffee Maker (Picture source: hotpoint.co.ke)

The advantages of this machine, in addition to having a low wattage of 900 watts, also this coffee machine is very easy to use and has a nondrip device so there is no need to wait long to enjoy a cup of coffee.

  • Coffee Maker Black+Decker DCM25B1

For those of you who are just starting to learn about coffee, and want to get coffee pleasure then Coffee Maker Black+Decker DCM25B1 can be a great choice, especially with a low electrical power of 330 watts.

Coffee Maker Black+Decker DCM25B1;Low Wattage Coffee Maker
Coffee Maker Black+Decker DCM25B1 (Picture source: shopee.co.id)

This coffee machine has an attractive design with a minimalist and modern concept, with a capacity of 0.18 liters, it is suitable to be put at home. At the top of the coffee machine, it can be used to lay coffee powder. This coffee machine is a type of machine that is very easy to clean, especially made of plastic material that is safe and durable.

  • Delonghi Icona ECO 311.R

Another coffee machine that can be used to make all kinds of coffee is Delonghi Icona ECO 311.R. This coffee machine is a type of semi-manual coffee machine, and you have to grind the coffee with the smoothness of the coffee you need, insert the coffee powder into the portafilter and compress it with the tamper.

Delonghi Icona ECO 311.R;Low Wattage Coffee Maker
Delonghi Icona ECO 311.R (Picture source: rdnstreetmarket.it)

This coffee machine uses 1100 watts of electrical power with stainless steel material. Weight 4.1 kg and water capacity 1.4 liters. With this coffee machine, you can make espresso, cappuccino, and also café latte.

Low Wattage Coffee Maker for Camping

In addition to the various types of coffee machines above that provide advantages with low wattage. For those of you who love to travel, several coffee machines can help you to produce the best coffee. Of course, the coffee machine needed is a coffee machine that offers convenience, perfect for use when traveling and camping. By using the coffee machine, you can benefit from the efficiency of time, can get a consistent taste, the process to get coffee is done simply, easy to use, and clean.

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Several coffee machine tools can be used for traveling and camping, among others:

  • Wacaco Minipresso GR Portables Espresso Coffee Machine.

A portable coffee machine is perfect for those of you who love to travel and enjoy camping in the mountains. As a manual coffee maker, this mini press is very easy to use, does not require electricity with a pressure of 8 bars.

Low Wattage Coffee Maker;Wacaco Minipresso GR Portables Espresso Coffee Machine
Wacaco Minipresso GR Portables Espresso Coffee Machine (Picture source: popsugar.com)

It has a capacity of 70 ml, with an overall dimension of 17 x 8 x 8 cm. Very light to travel, even the lid of this tool can be a cup while on the go.

  • French Press

This manual coffee machine is perfect for those of you who like to travel. French Press became a patented coffee machine in 1929 by Attilio Calimani, and was popularized by Danish company Bodum and British company, "Household Articles, Ltd".

French Press;Low Wattage Coffee Maker
French Press (Picture source: wayfair.com)

This manual coffee machine is very easy to use, with cylinder tubes with metal lids or from plastic and pluggers. There is a glass material and some are made of clear plastic. French Press also comes with a nylon filter or a sturdy wire filter. This manual coffee machine is perfect for the coffee powder that is still coarse so that the taste of coffee is not too bitter and deprived.

  • Vietnamese Coffee Drip

Another power-efficient coffee machine or tool that can be used to enjoy a coffee while camping, namely Vietnam Coffee Drip. This tool can produce a cup of concentrated coffee like Robusta, which Vietnamese people used to make coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee Drip;Low Wattage Coffee Maker
Vietnamese Coffee Drip (Picture source: ebay.co.uk)

In addition to the enjoyment of robusta coffee, a delicious cup of coffee from the extraction of coffee powder through droplets with the addition of condensed milk will be a pleasure to drink coffee. This coffee tool is very easy to use and easy to clean.

With low wattage coffee maker information, it will make you save expenses because of the low electricity, and the desire to enjoy delicious coffee can be obtained. Good luck.

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