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Coffee is already a necessity of daily life. Many people need a cup of coffee to concentrate before starting a routine activity. The pleasure of enjoying coffee cannot be replaced with other substitute drinks. Although it can't be replaced by other drinks, sometimes there are obstacles to being able to enjoy the favorite drink. One solution to enjoy the coffee dish is to add a few extra ingredients in the coffee, such as creamer. For a coffee lover but worried about diabetes then the solution that can be done is to add organic coffee creamer in coffee.

Taking little information from, that 72 percent of people who consume coffee, enjoy coffee with milk or non-dairy coffee creamer, and another 30 percent add sweetness to coffee with sweeteners.

There is no denying that adding creamer to the coffee will add to the delicious coffee that is drunk, but one thing to keep in mind is that adding creamer to the cup three to four times every day, will add problems to the health of the body. Therefore, to avoid the threat of disease, one way that can be done is to add organic creamer or use milk from soybeans that are safer.

Organic Dairy Free Coffee Creamer

The need for coffee as a daily mandatory drink seems irreplaceable with other beverage ingredients. Even a coffee lover who is not strong will taste bitter and sour coffee will add creamer as a reduction of the sour taste. Similarly, coffee lovers who are worried because of milk allergies will add substitute ingredients such as organic coffee creamer that can be obtained by buying the organic creamer or making your own.

Organic Dairy Free Coffee Creamer;Organic Coffee Creamer;
Organic Dairy Free Coffee Creamer (Picture source:

There is a separate way that coffee can remain creamy without milk and creamer. Creamer sold on the market does give creamy taste and texture to coffee, but the problem is that this creamer contains sweeteners and chemicals. According to Lisa Richards, a nutritionist, quoted from Byrdie. For coffee to taste more creamy it is recommended to use a fresh creamer with plant-based ingredients, in addition to being able to avoid added sugars, also this creamer will keep you from consuming saturated fats.

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Therefore it is recommended for those of you who like milk and want to add it in coffee, it is recommended to use organic milk or organic creamer.

Similarly, if you want coffee to taste sweeter, you can use honey, this natural sweetener will reduce added sugar in coffee, besides, you can use sweeteners from corn that are low in calories.

Best Organic Coffee Creamer

Nowadays, coffee successfully occupies a special position in the hearts of its lovers. Even coffee presentation can be served in various types and ways, ranging from espresso coffee to instant coffee mixed with sugar and creamer. The creamer mixture in coffee has a function similar to milk. With the addition of creamer, this will make the coffee sweeter and thicker.

However, behind the deliciousness of coffee with the addition of creamer, it turns out that this gives an adverse effect on the body. What should be understood is that creamer is not milk, and creamer ingredients are made from a combination of chemicals and artificial sugars. The worrying thing is that if you consume coffee and creamer too often, it will make cholesterol and sugar levels in the body increase, even if not guarded feared to be affected by diabetes.

There is a solution to reduce the sugar content contained in creamer with the absence of organic creamer, namely:

  • Fiber Crème.

This creamer is a multifunctional creamer made from natural carbohydrates, namely oligosaccharides that are very easily absorbed by the colon. This creamer is claimed to be gluten and lactose-free, so it is safe to be breastfed by diabetics. 

Fiber Crème;Organic Coffee Creamer;Best Organic Coffee Creamer;
Fiber Crème (Picture source:

This natural creamer contains 1.44 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

  • Dairy Coffee Creamer

In addition to products from the factory, this coffee creamer can be made by yourself, for the ingredients depending on the taste of each. Some like sweetness by adding sweetened condensed milk, or for those who are allergic to milk (lactose-intolerant) can use soybeans as the basic ingredient. And in some people, some people use fresh whole milk and add whipped cream as the basic ingredient of making coffee creamer.

Coconut-flavored coffee creamer;Best Organic Coffee Creamer;Organic Coffee Creamer;
Coconut-flavored coffee creamer (Picture source:

The ingredients make this coffee creamer between ain:

Sweetened condensed milk:

- 1/2 can of sweetened condensed milk.

- 1 1/2 cups whole milk.


- 1 cup whole milk.

- 1 cup whipped cream.


- 2 cups of basic ingredients.

- 1 cup of shredded coconut.

- 1 teaspoon granulated sugar.

Steps to make coffee creamer, among others:

  1. Put all the ingredients in a blender.
  2. Turn on the blender and let all the ingredients mix until the grated coconut is completely crushed.
  3. Strain the result, and put this coconut-flavored coffee creamer in the fridge. And ready to use at any time.

Coffee is already a necessity, for a coffee lover worries about not being able to drink coffee because of the influence of acid, currently can be solved by the absence of organic coffee creamer, so this will help you in enjoying your daily coffee.

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