Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker  - Coffee is still a favorite drink. There are many ways to get this delicious drink. The pour-over method became one of the forms of coffee serving that coffee lovers are now starting to love and become a method of brewing coffee that has been known for a long time. This method requires a thorough process to produce quality and delicious brewed coffee.

In daily practice, this pour-over method becomes a method that is very much in demand by homebrewers. For coffee lovers, this method is very interesting, because when looking at the process, when the coffee blooming, waiting for the water droplets to fall into the server, and smelling the coffee that is being brewed becomes a sensation of its own. Besides, the pour-over method becomes a method that is considered challenging by coffee lovers, because you can experiment with various parameters to create the final result according to the enjoyment of the coffee you want.

Melitta Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour over is already a method that coffee lovers love very much, as it is one of the many methods of brewing manual coffee that is fastest, practical, efficient, and produces the best coffee brew results in manual brew class. This pour-over was first discovered by Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz, a businesswoman from Germany.

From various information, the beginning of the pour-over by Melitta begins from dissatisfaction with the results of the percolator. According to Melitta, the coffee produced by the percolator still contains the rest of the coffee, although the rest contained in the coffee is relatively small. By looking at this, Melitta is looking for a way to brew coffee without any iced. According to him, filtering coffee with cloth is quite troublesome because it has to be washed and cleaned. Starting from this, Melitta used blotting paper, then made a funnel of paper, and put in a brass metal cup, and hollowed out using nails. And the result is very satisfying, which is in the form of unscathed coffee. The discovery was patented on June 20, 1908, under the trademark M. Bentz.

Melitta Coffee Maker Aroma Boy II;Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker;
Melitta Coffee Maker Aroma Boy II (Picture source:

One of Melitta's must-have pour-over brands is "Melitta Coffee Maker Aroma Boy II". This coffee brewing tool became one of the most popular products issued by Melitta as one of the brands of coffee tools that became the pioneer of the pour-over brewing method since 1930. With a simple design, this coffee machine is very easy to use to get delicious coffee brewing results.

Melitta Aroma Boy II uses a dripper that is typical of Melitta, which is to use one small hole so that the coffee will be submerged for a little while before heading to the coffee server. The process of infusing coffee will be easier because it uses only one hole. With this coffee tool, it doesn't require great brewing ability, but you can get coffee with a delicious taste. For paper, filters can use Melitta paper filters, but you can still use other paper filters.

Best Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

There are many ways to enjoy coffee, especially in the easy era as it is today. Pour over is one way to get the best coffee brew results. Don't imagine brewing coffee with a troublesome and time-consuming pour-over, because nowadays there is already the best way with innovation to brew coffee instantly pour over without coffee equipment that is too big, and only need hot water and empty cups.

There are several pours over coffee machines that can be considered to have, as follows:

  • V60

One of the best pour-over methods that can be a method of brewing coffee is to use V60 Hario. At first glance, the shape of this coffee tool is like a regular cup used to enjoy tea. Hario V60 is currently synonymous with the pour-over trend used in various coffee shops, besides, this tool is very suitable for the use of brewing black coffee because the shape and method of pour drip are easy to use anywhere, although it can be used anywhere, this tool needs a process to produce coffee with a strong aroma.

V60 Hario;Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker;Best Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker;
V60 Hario (Picture source:

There are many choices of V60 based on the materials used, some are made of ceramic, glass, metal, or plastic, with a cup-like shape that can be used for tea or coffee. By using the pour-over V60 Hario method tool, the resulting coffee character will give satisfaction to the drinker, with a stronger aroma, cleaner coffee results and accentuates a certain character. This coffee brewing tool has a unique design, with a winding circular inside. This form will support the central ness of the water pressure so that the water pressure is more evenly distributed and the temperature degradation simultaneously.

  • Kalita Wave

Using Kalita Wave is the easiest way and becomes a more consistent brewing method, and the main thing is that this method becomes the easiest way when compared to V60. At first glance, it is similar to the V60 but has a flat bottom with three small holes in it (flat bottom).

Kalita Wave;Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker;Best Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker;
Kalita Wave (Picture source:

Kalita's concept uses three parallel brewing holes that cause the flow of water to differ from Melitta's.

  • Chemex

Chemex is the right pour-over tool and method for you and wants to clean up results. With Chemex, you can brew up to 8 glasses at a time. This manual brewing tool has a unique shape with a large teapot-like shape or can be said to be similar to an hourglass. Usually, the ratio used is 1/14 or 1 gram of coffee to 14 ml of water or 10 grams of coffee to one cup of coffee.

Chemex;Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker;Best Single Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker;
Chemex (Picture source:

It is very easy to pour coffee on Chemex that has been given filter paper, then pour 50 ml of water in a circular motion and let stand for 30 seconds and wait until the coffee expands.

Getting the best coffee results with the pour-over man brewing method is an attraction for coffee lovers. A single cup pour-over coffee maker, being the best choice for you who want to get the best quality coffee.

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