Starbucks Coffee Liqueur

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur  - Starbucks Coffee? Who doesn't know this one coffee shop? Its presence has attracted the attention of coffee lovers in every country to enjoy coffee that has risen to the level of a prestigious drink. Moreover, Starbucks offers an unusual coffee drinking activity and is different from previous coffee shops and coffee shops that exist today. Interestingly, in addition to making its place as a prestigious place, Starbucks gives different things, such as providing outside facilities can be to its customers with comfort and familiarity that will make the customers of Starbucks Coffee feel at home. Besides, various processed coffee drinks served at Starbucks Coffee, such as flat white, café late or coffee café, and liquor drinks are very interesting for coffee lovers.

Starbucks is a coffee company and a global coffee shop chain from the United States that has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. As a coffee company and also providing coffee drinks with various processed, Starbucks not only becomes a coffee shop but also has an amazing image that successfully presented to consumers, also not only serves a variety of delicious coffee drinks but also sells a pleasant impression to its customers.

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur

As a coffee shop chain with a mermaid logo that is very easy to find in various countries, Starbucks becomes an interesting place to enjoy coffee. In addition to having a wide selection of traditional coffee, Starbucks is also a pioneer of the unique beverage trend whose raw materials not only come from coffee beans but can come from tea, cream, milk to alcohol.

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur;
Starbucks Coffee Liqueur (Picture source: Conlon/)
Interestingly, among the various choices of coffee drinks at Starbucks is a coffee liqueur. Liqueur coffee is a coffee drink mixed with alcohol that was then a trend in enjoying coffee. The country that claims to be the inventor of the liqueur is Italy which considers in the 18th century to have started first brewing coffee using champagne done by Frederick the Great.

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With the development of the world of commerce, coffee with alcohol began to spread to Europe and also in other parts of the world, with various types and brands. Speaking of coffee liqueur from Starbucks, this alcoholic coffee drink began to be introduced Starbucks in 2005 as a joint venture between Starbucks and Beam Global. And this is an attraction for Starbucks lovers to come to the coffee shop more often to enjoy the delicacy of this alcoholic coffee.

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur Recipes

Many ways to make Coffee Liqueur, although currently alcohol coffee from Starbucks has been discontinued production, you can also make this type of coffee with a similar taste. An example is the recipe "Espresso Summer Coffee", the ingredients used, among others:
  • 1-ounce espresso.
  • 1 1/2 ounces gin.
  • 4 blackberries.
  • 1/2 ounce liquid sugar
  • 1/2 ounce orange juice.

Espresso Summer Coffee
Espresso Summer Coffee (Picture source:
The step of making this summer espresso is very easy, which is to place the blackberries at the base of the cocktail shaker, then put the other ingredients, and ice. Then whisk and pour into a glass.
In addition to various alcohol coffee recipes, such as espresso summer, many other recipes can be made, of course, you can create according to your taste.

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur discontinued

Despite being a favorite coffee at the time, Starbucks Coffee Liqueur is also considered to be able to control the market by 11% of Starbucks' total market mastery. This product has become a favorite of coffee lovers, this is what makes Starbucks so fast famous.

However, Starbucks coffee liqueur had to be discontinued in 2010, and this caused disappointment for coffee enthusiasts alcohol from Starbucks. And interestingly back then Starbucks Coffee Liqueur had become a collector's item for Starbucks fans.

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