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Coffee is still one of the endless interesting languages. Talking about coffee means not only talking about coffee but a lot of things that can develop with this coffee dish. With the development of the era, more and more coffee terms are dizzying when hearing foreign terms about the coffee. As the name suggests, not coffee if it does not attract attention, certainly back to focus on coffee, the taste of coffee makes it interesting that the lovers can not move to other types of drinks. Even with the variety and variety of coffee drinks that are growing, the way to enjoy coffee is starting to develop and variety, but among the interesting things is how to use coffee with large coffee filters.

In essence, the process of getting a delicious coffee drink between espresso and pour-over (coffee filter) has the same concept, which is to both pour hot water over the coffee powder, then pass through the coffee powder and filter, then fall into the glass.

What distinguishes between espresso and coffee filters is the process of falling water through the coffee powder. In coffee filters, the coffee-making process takes a little longer than the espresso-making process, this makes the coffee filter more likely to require coffee powder and water to brew coffee.

Extra Large Coffee Filters

How to brew coffee filter becomes an option for lovers of single-origin coffee, arguing that the taste of coffee can be explored from the coffee it brews, although the way to brew coffee with a coffee filter is more accentuating the intricate taste of the coffee.

Chemex and large coffee filters;Extra Large Coffee Filters;Large Coffee Filters;
Chemex and large coffee filters (Picture source:

By using coffee filters, the taste of coffee obtained becomes cleaner, clearer with complex flavors, in contrast to espresso that has a thicker and thicker taste. Also, using a coffee filter will give a lighter taste in the mouth and not too bitter like espresso.

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The question is when is this large coffee filter used? The coffee filter is a method used to get delicious coffee with the pour-over coffee concept. And from the various pour-over coffee tools, Chemex becomes one of the tools that use an extra-large coffee filter. What sets Chemex apart from other pours over methods is on filter paper, and Chemex has two types of filters that are white bleached and natural, with a much larger size than paper filters like Hario V60. With a larger size makes the price more expensive.

Large Coffee Filters Walmart

The coffee filter method is a great way for those of you who want to taste various single-origin coffees in the world, although the process of making coffee with this method is not as fast and easy as making a cup of espresso.

There are several types of large coffee filters that you can get in online retail stores such as Walmart, as follows:

  • Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable Coffee Filters Paper

This type of coffee filter is a large basket type with the amount of 100 pcs. Priced at $23.99. This product is a disposable coffee filter paper that is perfect for the use of one to 4 servings of coffee, which is made of log paddle.

Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable Coffee Filters Paper;Large Coffee Filters Walmart;
Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable Coffee Filters Paper (Picture source:

One box contains 50 pcs, 2 boxes in all.

  • Coffee Filters - Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable by Ca

This type of coffee filter is a large basket type with an average diameter of 9.75" and a base diameter of 4.5". Priced at $45.08. This product is made of eco-friendly paper, this coffee filter becomes an alternative solution for traditional white paper filters that are whitened. 

Large Coffee Filters Walmart;Coffee Filters - Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable
Coffee Filters - Natural Unbleached Brown Biodegradable (Picture source:

All that choice, as well as enjoying coffee, enjoying coffee with a pour-over method with large coffee filters becomes an interesting option, especially to get a cleaner, softer, and slightly sour taste.

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