Coffee Tables That Lift Up

Coffee is still an interesting theme to discuss, not only when it becomes a refreshingly delicious drink, but various things related to coffee are also very interesting to discuss, such as furniture used as a place to put coffee, is also equally interesting to discuss. Coffee table, who would have thought that the coffee table turns out to have a variety of shapes and models are very interesting. One type of coffee table that can be chosen is coffee tables that lift up.

coffee tables that lift up
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The coffee table is a table that is usually placed in the living room, which has a function as a place to put drinks or snacks when chatting with family and guests while drinking coffee. Placed between the sofa and other furniture objects, a coffee table can be the center of attention of the interior design of your living room or living room. This one tends to be placed in the middle of the room and surrounded by other furniture.

Best Lift Up Coffee Table

Many choices of coffee table designs are available in various furnishings today, usually sold directly a pair with a sofa. If you want a coffee table design according to your taste, you can order it at the furniture store or designer of your choice.

The coffee table has a variety of sizes, with an average height of 40 cm to 50 cm, a coffee table with a square shape generally has a size of 80 cm x 80 cm, and for coffee table rectangles have a size of 120 cm x 60 cm.

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Speaking of elevator up coffee table, then this coffee table also serves as a storage place with a folding shape that can be opened to the top. This coffee table has a storage area at the bottom of the table, so when you want to store or pick up items must lift the table panel.

This model coffee table has the advantage with its unique and minimalist design coupled with its hidden and secret storage.

Product Features of Zakki Lift Up Table

An example of a coffee table lift is a coffee table with the theme "Zakki Lift Table" from designed as space-saving furniture that you can put in the living room or living room.

1. Multifunctional Table Top Table

Coffee Tables That Lift Up
Picture Source:

When the top table is raised, it will increase the height by 20cm, turning this table into a work desk or dining table with an ideal height.

 2. Extra Storage

Coffee Tables That Lift Up
Picture Source:

The table is equipped with storage space at the bottom of the top table that can be used to store books or magazines.

Material and Finishing:

Coffee Tables That Lift Up
Picture Source:
  • Lift coffee table is made from plywood with a choice of finishing HPL or Duco pool.
  • Iron foot finishing with black or white color options.


  • Table length (length) 85cm (fix)
  • Table width (depth) 50cm (fix)
  • Table height (height) 45cm (fix)

That's a little bit of information about the coffee table furniture products that lift up. Hopefully useful and provide information for those of you who want to find a coffee table with the best function in it.

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