Low Carb Coffee Creamer

Coffee is still a delicious drink that is favored by everyone, especially coffee lovers. So many choices of coffee to choose from, ranging from the place of origin of coffee, types of coffee to coffee that is specifically intended for those who are not strong with caffeine. Even for you coffee lovers who are not strong with coffee acid, currently also available ingredients that can reduce the content and sour taste of coffee with low carb coffee creamer products.

For some coffee connoisseurs may prefer to brew black coffee without any additions. The reason, so that the natural taste of coffee is maintained. But what about some people who prefer to add creamer to the coffee they brew. All equally delicious, depending on taste!

low carb coffee creamer
Low carb coffee creamer (Picture source: amazon.sg)

In enjoying a cup of coffee, everyone has their taste. Some like added sugar as a sweetener, milk to make it softer, or additional creamer to create a savory taste and reduce the bitter taste in coffee.

Low Carb Creamer for Coffee

However, for those of you who are on a diet or just want to cut your caloric intake, the use of a creamer may not be the right choice. Although many creamers are claimed to be low in sugar and low in fat, these products tend to go through a fairly complex process and contain trans fats, sugars, and artificial flavor enhancers.

To keep creating a delicious taste in coffee, we can replace it with a series of other healthier ingredients, and still add a delicious taste to the coffee.

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One of the things that can be done to increase the enjoyment of coffee without reducing the taste is to add vegetable creamer. Vegetable creamer (non-dairy creamer) is a milk substitute product or cream which is a product of fat emulsion in water. Non-dairy creamers are made from vegetable oils that are hydrogenated with the addition of permitted food additives. Non-dairy creamer products can be powdered or liquid and are commonly used to add flavor to food and beverages. Functionally, non-dairy creamers have many advantages compared to dairy products in general. For example, if reviewed in terms of raw materials, non-dairy creamer does not contain animal fats, but vegetable fats so that non-dairy creamers do not contain lactose and become healthier to consume

Low Carb French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Low-carb coffee creamer products are now more and more diverse, so there is no reason not to love coffee as a delicious drink. One of the products that can be tried today is "Kiss My Keto Creamer — French Vanilla Flavor"

Low Carb Keto Coffee Creamer + MCT Oil Powder C8 (9g) | Sugar-Free, Ketogenic Creamer for Coffee &Tea, Keto Shakes (for 30 Servings).

Low carb french vanilla coffee creamer

Low carb french vanilla coffee creamer  (Picture source: amazon.sg)

The price for this product is $40.25.

The description of this product, among others:

  • Keto coffee creamer is low in carbohydrates. This MCT oil keto creamer is an ideal alternative for coffee lovers in the keto diet. Kiss My Keto creamer is 100% sugar-free without glycemic fillers; maltodextrin, corn starch, or other chemicals or additives.
  • Packed with energy-rich MCTS. Each serving contains 67% C8 Caprylic Acid MCT Oil – the most potent form of MCT oil and a powerful energy source on the keto diet. Improve your workouts and improve mental clarity, while suppressing your appetite.
  • Soft in your stomach. Have you troubled to tolerate MCT Oil and are tired of discomfort? Our sugar-free Keto coffee creamer with MCT oil is a creamy and delicious alternative that is less oily, well absorbed, and easier to digest without bloating.
  • Delicious taste of french vanilla. Easy to mix! Mix well in the hot and cold liquid to enhance the taste of any drink. Use protein shakes, smoothies, teas, coffee, for a delicious touch of French vanilla.
  • New look. Same taste. To keep our image as fresh as our products, we have improved our packaging with new designs. Please be patient with us as packaging may vary as we transition.

Hopefully, the above information, can provide additional information and be a reference for those of you who want to enjoy coffee but do not want to be exposed to the sour taste of coffee.

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