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Coffee is still an interesting commodity, not only for commodities, for a coffee lover, coffee remains the main drink choice that is irreplaceable. Similarly, in the coffee business, coffee still provides interesting business opportunities, if you want to do business coffee, franchising becomes an easy and interesting choice. By only providing capital, you already get the right business system and hobby of enjoying the coffee you can do at any time.  One of the usual franchises to choose is "Seattle's Best Coffee Franchise".

Seattle's Best Coffee Franchise;
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Seattle's Best Coffee is an American coffee retailer and wholesaler based in Seattle, Washington, and interestingly since 2003, Seattle's Best Coffee has become a subsidiary of the world's largest American coffee chain, Starbucks. Seattle's Best Coffee itself has retail stores and grocery subsites located in 20 states and the most powerful provinces in the District of Columbia.

Seattle's Best Coffee History

Of course, there are interesting things that can be discussed, one of which is about the price, although it becomes one with Starbucks, in price Seattle's Best Coffee has a cheaper price when compared to Starbucks as its parent.

Seattle's Best Coffee originally started with a coffee shop that also sold a combination of ice cream called Wet Whisker in Coupeville on Whidbey Island, northwest of Seattle., around 1969.

In the end, around 1995, the company founded by Jim Stewart was bought by investors, who eventually formed a new company under the name Seattle's Coffee Holdings. And in 1997 it was renamed Seattle's Coffee Company.

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Interestingly, in 1998 AFC Enterprises bought Seattle Coffee Holdings and started making the Seattle's Best Coffee brand franchise. During the ownership of AFC Enterprises, roasterie Vashon Island Seattle Coffee Company was upgraded and the company's organic coffee line was established. AFC Enterprises sold SBC to Starbucks in July 2003, retaining franchise rights in eleven countries, Hawaii, and U.S. military bases.

On May 12, 2010, Starbucks announced the rebranding of Seattle's Best Coffee, with a new logo and plans to expand Seattle's Best Coffee distribution from 3,000 locations to 30,000 by the end of the fiscal year 2010.

Seattle's Best Coffee Franchise Information

Interested in the coffee business of Seattle's Best Coffee? You can apply for a partnership by proposing a franchise-shaped business system with Seattle's Best Coffee Franchise.

What Does a Seattle's Best Coffee Franchise Cost? 

To buy a franchise with Seattle's Best Coffee, you'll need to have at least $125,000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $1,000,000. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of $181,835 - $445,035. ( 

If you are ready to build on our momentum, join us and franchise with Seattle's Best Coffee.

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Why Seattle's Best Coffee?

• Brand recognition: A strongly recognized brand helps build a customer base from day one.

  1. A growing and vibrant national brand with a rich history and nearly 40 years of experience.
  2. Seattle's Best Coffee has national distribution through branded cafes, grocery stores, and foodservice locations including college campuses, restaurants, hotels, and air and cruise lines.
  3. Over 1 billion cups of Seattle's Best Coffee will be enjoyed this year.

Operation systems: Seattle's Best Coffee established infrastructure provides the ongoing support franchisees need.    

  1. Be Quick to Market. Seattle's Best Coffee understand that your time is valuable. Seattle's Best Coffee provide design and development support, empowering you with quick-to-market solutions.
  2. Open Fully Equipped. Each concept includes a complete equipment package. There are no holes to fill. You'll have everything you need to get up and running quickly.
  3. Start Strong with Team Training.Seattle's Best Coffee take out the guesswork. With expert training, your team will confidently deliver the memorable Seattle's Best Coffee experience every time.
  4. Receive Regional Support. Ongoing field support means help is never far away. A Seattle's Best Coffee District Manager is dedicated to your business and readily accessible.
  5. Sell More. Leverage our 40 years of experience in keeping Seattle's Best Coffee brand fresh. You'll enjoy seasonal marketing campaigns to drive trial and usage. Seattle's Best Coffee provides a comprehensive neighborhood marketing program designed to introduce and celebrate the Seattle's Best Coffee brand within local communities.
  6. Get Answers. Answers are always at hand. Seattle's Best Coffee will provide you with comprehensive resource manuals, covering topics from operations to product information.

Flexible concepts: Seattle's Best Coffee offers a full continuum of concepts to optimize operator profitability.

  1. A diverse portfolio of café concepts, including street-side cafes, kiosks, and small free-standing drive0thrus.

Best of the class menu: Everyday favorites, as well as seasonal specialties of the house, support all dayparts.

  1. Seattle's Best Coffee has broad appeal among many coffee lovers' palates.
  2. Beverage program that builds customer loyalty by offering enticing options throughout the day.
  3. Bakery program features pastries, warmed sandwiches, afternoon snacks, and desserts to help drive traffic during multiple dayparts.

That's a bit of coffee business information that appeals to you, which can be done without the hassle of a franchise system. Hopefully the information about "Seattle's Best Coffee Franchise" is useful and becomes a coffee business reference for you at this time.

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