Z Gallerie Coffee Tables

Coffee, it's no secret that this commodity is a unique product and very valuable. Even just a sip of pure coffee that has been ground and baked with the right process, makes the lovers fall in love even more. Behind all the pleasures and everything contained in coffee, there are still a variety of products that can make you interested in everything related to coffee, one of which is the coffee table. Between sharing products and selling coffee tables, there is one sensation of the best coffee table is Z Gallerie Coffee Tables.

Coffee table becomes one of the accessories and also equipment in the house that can not be forgotten. In addition to its function as a place to enjoy coffee, it can also be used as a nice room decoration. Besides, the coffee table has a varied design with varied materials as well.

Talking about the coffee table. Not to be separated from where to sell this equipment, one of them is Z Gallerie which is a chain of home furnishings, art, and decoration retail stores founded by joe Zeidan's siblings, Mike Zeidan, and Carole Malfatti in Sherman Oaks, California in 1979. Z Gallerie is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with an additional purchase office in Berkeley, California.

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There is a wide selection of coffee tables to choose from at Z Galleria or you can see them through Z Glleerie's official website at www.zgallerie.com.

Here will be presented some coffee tables that can be a recommendation for you at Z Gallerie, as follows:

  •  Z Gallerie Pascual Coffee Tables

This description of the coffee table is an interesting choice of Z Gallerie, with a Pascual coffee table that has a good look of objects. The wooden frame is hand pressed with a metal champagne finish and an inset with antique mirrors. The typical finish works well with gold or silver.

Z Gallerie Coffee Tables;Z Gallerie Pascual Coffee Tables;
 Z Gallerie Pascual Coffee Tables (Picture source: zgallerie.com) 

The price offered is $523.99 (after discounts and promos), the original price is $699.

The details of this coffee table include:

  1. The solid wood frame features antique mirror inserts.
  2. The hand-applied champagne finish displays subtle sadness.
  3. Antique mirrors.
  4. The top is tempered glass, the bottom shelf is a mirror. The two sit flush inside the frame
Dimensions: 42"W x 42"D x 18"H
Rack: 36"W x 36"D with 11" clearance

  • Z Gallerie Mirrored Coffee Tables

For those of you who are looking for Mirrored Coffee Tables, at Z Gallerie as a recommendation, then you can choose Regal Coffee Table. 

Z Gallerie Coffee Tables;;Z Gallerie Mirrored Coffee Tables;
Z Gallerie Mirrored Coffee Tables (Picture source: zgallerie.com) 

The details of this coffee table, among others:

  1. Hardwood Dry Kiln. Blocked frames at corners remain free of splits and won't curve, rotate, or break from time to time.
  2. Tilted glass inset
  3. Upper coat applied by hand. The leaf-like multilayered finish creates a hairline mark for each unique piece.

Dimensions: 44'W x 44'D x 18''H

The price is $799.

  •  Z Gallerie Sequoia Coffee Table Gold

Another interesting one to choose from is the Sequoia coffee table made from acacia tree roots. Sequoia coffee table brings the details of the statue to the surrounding decorations. Formed from resin in a multi-step process, sequoia's coffee table is finished in silver leaf, giving the table base a smooth luster. The top of the table is 3/8" thick glass, allowing for an easy display of the stunning organic screen below.

The price offered is $558.99 (after discounts and promos), the original price $699

Z Gallerie Coffee Tables;Z Gallerie Sequoia Coffee Table Gold;
Z Gallerie Sequoia Coffee Table Gold (Picture source: zgallerie.com) 

With the following details:

  1. The frame is cast resin and fiberglass and is constructed with an iron inner structure for rigidity.
  2. The silver finish is painted by hand and then accented with silver leaves.
  3. Silver leaf is a unique finish in which a thin sheet of silver (no larger than 6") is applied by hand, producing an unparalleled luster for any painted finish. Hairline marks and wrinkled effects only add to the beauty.

By dimensions: 22"W x 22"D x 22"H

Want a coffee table with a minimalist design but always look elegant and suitable for all rooms? Z Gallerie Coffee Tables as above can be the answer. The attractive shape of the table will bring the impact of the appearance of this coffee table to look minimalist. Coupled with a unique table leg design so that it looks more unique and out of the box.

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