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As one of the delicious dishes that always serve everyone's favorite, especially for coffee lovers. Coffee doesn't turn out to be a part of life. Many say it can't be separated from a cup of coffee. Similarly, the times are constantly changing, as well as the development of coffee, including coffee machines as a tool to make delicious coffee. Nowadays a lot of coffee machines are provided for coffee lovers, not only that, coffee machines for coffee shops also have their characteristics. Even Starbucks class also has a very different coffee machine that is Clover Coffee Maker.

Similarly, the best coffee shop will try to serve a dish of the best coffee. So to make quality coffee certainly need coffee or a quality coffee maker. Nowadays many coffee makers have been sold in the market, from coffee machines that have a special function to coffee machines that have various functions.

An automatic coffee machine is a machine that has a special function that is to process, make, or grind coffee beans into ready-to-eat coffee drinks. This machine can make various types of coffee drinks such as Cappuccino, Espresso, or various other types of coffee.

Clover Coffee Machine

As a coffee lover who often enjoys coffee dishes in the world-famous coffee shop, namely Starbucks, surely you understand a wide variety of types of coffee including coffee machines used in the coffee shop.

Clover Coffee Maker
Clover Coffee Maker (Picture source: 

Clover is a coffee machine product made and manufactured by Coffee Equipment Company which is a coffee equipment manufacturer from Seattle. The company focuses on the production of equipment that creates high-quality brewed coffee. The company was bought by Starbucks in 2008.

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The first product of this Coffee Equipment Company is Clover 1s, a machine that makes brewed coffee per cup. The machine uses a brewing method similar to French squeeze equipped with a vacuum system to separate coffee water from its powder.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz bought the company after tasting a cup of coffee brewed with a Clover machine and called it "the best cup of brewed coffee I've ever tasted".

Clover Coffee Machine For Sale

As one of the best coffee machines, Clover becomes a coffee machine that you can choose if you want to have it. Clover using the Clover Brewing system is the most innovative coffee brewing technology in the world. This technology is a method of brewing coffee uniquely, using a vacuum press. With this method, coffee drinkers can find a rich and distinctive taste in a cup of coffee.

This technology has digitally controlled temperature and coffee brewing time. The result can affect the taste and aroma of coffee.

What's so special about Clover? To process coffee powder into a delicious cup, it is necessary to have the right composition. Clover, he said, can calculate three important variables: dosage, water temperature, and brewing time. For example, for 37.5 grams of Fazenda Sao Joao coffee from Brazil, it is only delicious if brewed with a temperature of 204 degrees and 43 seconds.

Clover can pamper all coffee lovers in the world. There is a dedicated port connected to the database online so that its users can store recipes for their favorite coffee. The mechanism of action and design of the machine also does not make it difficult for the user. Less than a minute since the powder was put in the machine, users can already enjoy coffee.

Interested in getting the best coffee machine this Starbucks uses?

 Clover 1s Coffee Maker - Used in Cafe Setting - VERY Rare

Clover Coffee Maker;Clover Coffee Machine;Clover Coffee Machine For Sale;
Clover Coffee Maker (Picture source:

This coffee machine according to the information on the sold for the US $ 7,994.99

There is not much information that can be conveyed, but although a little, hopefully, the information about Clover Coffee Maker is useful and provides additional information for you.


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