Cup That Keeps Coffee Hot

No one expects that a glass of coffee in the morning can be uplifting. In the past, after waking up in the morning, preparing for all activities without any spirit, but since knowing coffee, life became a little different. Surely life becomes more varied. Coffee has changed everything, with the habit of enjoying coffee, having the tools to make coffee including cups for coffee places becomes a must. Not even just a cup of coffee, but having a cup that keeps coffee hot becomes the main thing needed when the coffee has not been drunk.

In addition, for coffee lovers, there is encouraging news quoted from CNN news channel, which revealed, in a recent study that the habit of drinking coffee or enjoying a cup of espresso - can make life longer and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Interesting isn't it?

By looking at the needs of coffee, plus the benefits contained in it, make coffee drinkers, including coffee lovers need coffee cups that are their choice and favorite to enjoy coffee.

Cup That Keeps Coffee Hot
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Coffee cups, not only a place to put coffee drinks but also as a container where coffee and espresso-based drinks are served. Coffee cups are usually made of glass-coated ceramics and have one handle to carry when the drink is hot.

Coffee Cup That Keeps Coffee Hot

Have you ever asked yourself why coffee cups have so many types, ranging from materials, colors, and also the shape of cups? This is a little confusing for some people, especially when choosing a coffee cup, such as what is best for their coffee dish and to keep the coffee hot. Moreover, if you are a coffee lover who wants the coffee dish can always be served deliciously with an alluring aroma and in hot conditions.

However, what needs to be a concern is that not all types of cups can maintain the deliciousness and aroma in each sip of coffee. For the record, to be able to get a coffee cup that suits your wishes, then the cup material needs to be considered before you choose the cup for coffee drinking needs. Because the reaction of the cup to the serving of coffee is caused by the material of the cup will differ depending on the type of ingredients used.

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The ingredients and materials of coffee cups also have a role to play in the perception of aroma and taste. So it becomes important to choose a cup that can increase the perception of aroma and taste. Here are the differences and information of coffee cups based on the ingredients used, among others ( effect coffee cup material):

  • Plastic Cups. Using plastic cups over time, the cup will absorb the smell and taste of the coffee. For coffee, dishes may not be too pronounced, but if occasionally use the same cup and used to drink mineral water or tea, there will be a sense of coffee taste left behind.
  • Iron Cup. Pouring a serving of hot coffee into an iron cup sometimes creates other flavor compounds into the coffee. There may be a follow-up reaction when the hot temperature meets the iron, so the result of the taste will be foreign to the coffee dish. Although not always, but some coffee lovers believe that iron coffee cups are not good for serving coffee.
  • Ceramic Cups. Serving coffee with ceramic cups is the best option because ceramic materials do not absorb or produce other foreign flavors into the coffee. Ceramic material is fairly neutral as a container of coffee dishes, the temperature of the dish also decreases normally so that it remains delicious for a while.
  • Double Wall Cup. These cups are identical to double cup walls and are generally made of heat-resistant glass. Cups with this material concept can keep the hot temperature longer so that the coffee dish remains delicious in each sip.

Nevertheless, the selection of any kind of cup goes back to everyone who wears it. Everyone has their favorite cup. Enjoying quality coffee is not only served with the right cup, as well as the surrounding atmosphere also affects the experience in enjoying coffee.

Coffee Cup That Keeps Coffee Hot for Hours

As a coffee lover, of course, you will prefer hot coffee when compared to enjoying coffee in the cold. Enjoying coffee when it is hot will have its art, especially with each sip enjoyed with pleasure will give its sensation. With the development of technology, plus increasingly open business opportunities in the coffee business, this provides the formation or creation of equipment that can help coffee lovers to keep the coffee they want to drink in hot conditions, even though it is placed in a coffee cup.

In general, if we leave hot coffee in a cup, then the temperature will change. But there are new technologists such as ember ceramic mugs. Based on the information, this cup can keep the drink in a hot state even if left for a long time. It is then adopted by various beverage container-making companies that currently provide attractive options for coffee lovers to choose this product.

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How does it work?

First, you have to set it up. If you have an Android or iPhone, all you have to do is download the app on your smartphone. Before using this cup, you must turn it on by pressing the power button on its base.

Next, log into the app on your smartphone, and choose your ideal hot drink temperature. After that, make your drink and let the cup take care of the rest. The bucket has a sensor that can detect movement, so it knows when you take it, and whether its contents have been empty.

If you don't want to download the app, that's fine. The standard setting of the cup is to keep your drink at a temperature of 54.4-degrees Celsius.

So, how long can this cup maintain the temperature of the drink? The bucket is powered by a battery, so its life depends on battery life and several other factors including room temperature, drink temperature, and how fast you drink it.

Best Coffee Cup That Keeps Coffee Hot

In addition to the various ways to keep coffee hot, the various products below (for example) taken from, hopefully, can inspire all of you who want to have a cup of coffee that can keep coffee drinks hot, among others:

1. Glowstone Heated Coffee Mug. Self-heating Smart Mug. Classic Range. Smart Automatic Technology, Wireless Power, 12 Ounce, Dishwasher Safe, 100% Fine Bone China. (PINK).

Best Coffee Cup That Keeps Coffee Hot
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About this product:

  • A smart heating system built into the cup: Detects your hot drink and strength to hold the drink at 150F (65C). Turn it off automatically with your last sip. Work right out of the box.
  • Dishwasher safe: Can be treated like a piece of other household crockery and washed in a dishwasher
  • Wireless charging: Supplied with our Qi wireless fast charging mat. Simply place the cup on the mattress when not in use and the battery charges wirelessly. The charger also charges other wireless-powered devices such as your smartphone.
  • 100% highly durable, scratch-resistant, and great-tasting Chinese fine bones: Chinese fine bones make your hot drink taste better and stronger than other ceramics. Easier to clean too. Very durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean Fine bone china
  • Battery life: Heats your drink for 1 hour at high temperatures, divided into two half-hour heating cycles. Gives you more time to enjoy your hot drink at the perfect temperature.

The price of this product is $159.00 (Brand: Glowstone; Item Weight: 360 Grams)

2. BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Set Auto On/Off Gravity-induction Mug Office Desk Use, Candle Wax Cup Warmer Heating Plate (Up To 131F/55C), 14oz

Best Coffee Cup That Keeps Coffee Hot
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About this product:

  • BESTINNKITS SMART gravity-duction mug warmer for Coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, or wax wax, Warm your drink at 131°F/55°C
  • Gravity induction technology, its automatic on/off, warmer automatic is activated when you place your cup on it and turns off when the cup is removed.
  • Including ceramic cups (about 14oz), you can also use your cups with warmers.
  • Fcc & UL certificated, Patented waterproof design, stylish fine glass coating at the top make it easy to clean and assure you there are no safety concerns as it is made of flame-retardant material.

Best Coffee Cup That Keeps Coffee Hot
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The price of this product is $36.99 (Brand: BESTINNKITS; Item Weight: 5.9 Grams)

Interested in coffee cup products that can withstand the heat? Hopefully, the information about the "cup that keeps coffee hot" is useful for you.

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