Low Acidic Coffee

Coffee? Who is not familiar with this drink, everyone, from small children to parents is very familiar with this type of drink. Even modified coffee drinks with additional ingredients, nowadays become the preferred drink of young people. The coffee world is growing rapidly lately. Those who initially just enjoyed instant coffee at home have now moved to the coffee shop and enjoyed a variety of coffees from espresso machines. The good news is that many novice coffee connoisseurs enjoy higher levels of coffee. However, among the different types of coffee, some people feel not strong with the sour taste of coffee, so it takes low acidic coffee for coffee lovers who are not strong with the sour taste of coffee.

Lately, the number of coffee lovers is growing. Not only limited to consumer needs, but coffee has also become part of people's lifestyle. In big cities and villages, coffee is one of the most popular types of drinks.

But for coffee lovers, of course, the terms arabica and robusta coffee are familiar to the ears. It turns out that the difference between Arabica and Robusta lies not only in its taste but also in terms of safety for the stomach. Then, which is safer for the stomach, arabica coffee or robusta?

Low Acidic Coffee
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Any type of coffee, be it arabica or robusta coffee, can have side effects on health. One of them is for stomach health. It is said, coffee can trigger the production of stomach acid so that for people with stomach acid, coffee consumption should be done with more care.

However, please note that the effect of coffee on stomach health varies because it is influenced by the type of coffee itself.

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Coffee has a delicious taste with a distinctive fragrance. Unfortunately, people who have stomach acid will generally avoid drinking coffee, although caffeine in coffee can trigger the appearance of stomach acid, some still can not leave the habit for coffee. Is there coffee that is safe for the stomach?

Quoted in Healthline, coffee can stimulate the production of stomach acid. Therefore, people believe that coffee can irritate the stomach, worsen intestinal disorders, and cause heartburn. Some experts advise against drinking a cup of coffee on an empty stomach. Drinking too much coffee can also cause restlessness, heart palpitations, and worsening panic attacks. It may even cause headaches, migraines, and high blood pressure in some people.

This time will be discussed several things related to low acidic coffee, among others:

  • Organic low acid coffee.
  • Low acid instant coffee.
  • Low acidic coffee brands.

Organic low acid coffee.

Coffee does contain caffeine, but people with stomach acid can still drink coffee. It's a safe way of drinking coffee for people with stomach acid.    

People with stomach acid disease are often worried when going to drink coffee. This is because coffee contains caffeine and is acidic which has the potential to make stomach acid rise.

Many coffee lovers want to try or feel the sensation of drinking organic coffee. Organic coffee is coffee whose entire planting process does not use pesticides or other chemicals.

Organic coffee is coffee whose entire planting process does not involve chemicals. To get an organic coffee label, there are several requirements that coffee producers must meet. One of the requirements is not to use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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Some countries have certification to get organic product labels, one of them is Japan with JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) certification. To obtain JAS certification, the soil used to grow coffee must be chemical-free for three consecutive years. In addition, it should not also be planted with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) fertilizer.

Below will be delivered low acid organic coffee products, which can be selected, such as:

Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee, Lost Art Blend, High Antioxidant, 2.5 Pound Bag

Organic low acid coffee.
Picture source: www.amazon.com

With brand identity as follows:

  • Brand: Puroast
  • Form Item: Ground
  • Flavor: Lost Art Blend (Caffeinated)
  • Diet Type: Kosher.

70% LESS ACIDIC: Puroast low acid coffee is perfect for any coffee lover, especially those who have heartburn, acid reflux, and other digestive problems. Puroast offers a wide variety of single dishes, a wide selection of beans, and ground coffee.

ANTIOXIDANTS 7X HIGHER: It turns out there is a link between antioxidant levels and how coffee is heated during roasting. Research published from UC Davis shows that Puroast coffee has 7X the antioxidants of green tea and 5X the antioxidants of leading coffee brands

PURE TO POUR: From our humble origins at the foot of the Andes Mountains, Puroast's secret to making fine and rich coffee is rooted in roasting the way coffee farmers do. We bake for quality, not volume, and never use any additives or extractions

FEEL BETTER, NEVER BITTER: Take a daily grind with a cup of fine and aromatic coffee that tastes good and makes you feel good! Our unique roasting method creates a low acid mixture that will not disturb your stomach and does not have a bitter aftertaste. We also use renewable and clean technology to fire our roasters.

QUALITY IN EVERY CUP: Not all coffees are created equal. Our highly grown coffee beans are sustainably sourced, kosher, and chemical/pesticide-free, so you can feel great about what you drink while getting relief from coffee-related digestive problems.

The price offered at Amazon.com is $21.18 ($0.53 / Ounce).

What do you think after reading this article? Eating organic coffee is not only because it is healthier or just pride, but also good for the sustainability of nature. It can be said that organic coffee is more healthy for those of you who drink, farmers, and also the surrounding environment.

The sheer number of requirements to get an organic label makes this coffee sold more expensive and limited in number. To be more confident when choosing organic coffee products, try contacting the seller directly.

Low acid instant coffee.

For some people who have problems with stomach acid conditions, drinking coffee is one of the activities that is generally avoided. Although already know the caffeine contained in coffee can trigger the appearance of stomach acid, in some cases some people can not abandon the habit of drinking coffee. So, is there coffee that is safe for the stomach?

If you are used to drinking coffee, surely already know the type of Arabica coffee. This type of coffee is considered safe for the stomach because the caffeine levels in it are lower. Even so, you are also not advised to consume more than two cups a day or three shots of espresso.

Although there are some brands of decaffeinated coffee, drinking coffee is also not recommended to overdo it.

Here is one brand of instant low acid coffee to choose from, namely:


Low acid instant coffee
Picture source: www.amazon.com

With the following product specifications (amazon.com):

  • Brand: KOPIKO.
  • Form Item: Ground.
  • Unit Count: 8.75 Ounce.
  • Package Weight: 0.26 Kilograms

The price offered at Amazon.com is $5.95 ($0.68 / Ounce).

Low acidic coffee brands.

One way to fill your free time is to relax by drinking coffee. But for stomach patients, drinking excessive coffee is also not recommended. Because the caffeine content in coffee is not friendly with people with stomach ulcers. But that does not mean people with stomach ulcers can not drink coffee, because currently, some brands of instant coffee do not contain caffeine, so it is safe to consume.

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Although there are some brands of decaffeinated coffee, drinking coffee is also not recommended to overdo it.

Here are the best low acid coffee brands quoted from www.homegrounds.co, among others:

  • Lifeboost Coffee Organic Medium Roast
  • Low-Acid Coffee Blend (Volcanica Coffee)
  • Komodo Dragon Coffee (Volcanica Coffee)
  • Hawaiian Kona (Volcanica Coffee)
  • Puroast Organic House Blend
  • Java Planet Organic Medium Dark Roast
  • Mommee Coffee Half Caff Organic Coffee
  • Tieman's Fusion Coffee

Very much a lot of information and types of low acid coffee that can be delivered, which will certainly help you if you want to enjoy delicious coffee without being disturbed by coffee acid. Hopefully, this low acidic coffee information is useful for you.

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