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Enjoying the morning with a cup of coffee has become a routine for most people, especially for a coffee lover. Making your favorite coffee using the coffee machine available becomes a fun thing, you can more freely determine the measure and the desired extraction result. However, have you had your coffee machine at home? If you haven't already, you must have it now! In addition to coffee machines, of course, there is still one other thing to consider in choosing a coffee machine, namely the use of plastic materials. And surviving on a coffee machine that does not contain plastic is an option, although the choice of a plastic-free coffee maker is becoming less and less.

Everyone must have different body resilience, in the sense of tolerance of the body to the influence of plastic is also different, but to secure yourself, it would be nice if in the process of making the best coffee made with a coffee machine that is free of plastic. Actually, in the short term it may be a strong body on the influence of plastic, but what needs to be considered is the effect on the health in the long term of the plastic.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;
Bialetti (Picture source:

One of the plastic materials is BPA (Bisphenol A) although it is not one of the main ingredients of plastic products, it is a chemical used to harden plastics. The scary thing is that this BPA has properties very similar to some hormones, and from some studies that have been done, this ingredient shows a negative impact on fertility and hereditary development.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021

From various types of coffee machines circulating in the market, will be delivered coffee machines from various references that are free of plastic materials, among others:

1. Syphon Coffee Maker

The siphon is a manual coffee machine first made in Germany around 1830. The mechanism of use of this machine is different from espresso coffee machines or other types of the coffee machine. For those of you who want to learn to produce coffee with authentic flavors, Syphon Coffee Maker is worth trying. This product can produce 3 cups of coffee in one process, suitable for those of you who want to enjoy coffee with your lover on a sunny morning.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021;
Syphon Coffee Maker (Picture source:

This ground coffee maker can produce a bitter taste if the coffee is left to be extracted for too long. If the processing is correct, the resulting taste tends to be softer with a tea-like texture. However, it doesn't take long to learn it, you can also feel the experience and satisfaction when you manage to bring a delicious brew of coffee from this machine.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021;
Syphon Coffee Maker (Picture source:

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Price delivered on Amazon at $45.99 (Previous price $49.99)

2. Bialleti Dama Nuova Espresso Maker 6 Cups

Moving on from the amazing products, the next brand of the best coffee machine at a very affordable price, namely Bialetti Dama Nuova Espresso Maker.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021;
Bialetti Dama Nuova Espresso Maker (Picture source:

This famous brand from Italy has a very aesthetic shape. For the resulting taste, you can try it, because the quality of this excellent product from Bialetti Dama, able to serve a cup of coffee with aroma and texture that is certainly appetizing.

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Made from aluminum pots, an espresso maker that can be used to produce 6 cups of espresso coffee in one make, has 8 sides with maximum heat spread. So, coffee can be brewed quickly, approximately in just a matter of minutes.

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The price delivered on Amazon is $68.

3. Staresso Manual Espresso Maker

The next recommendation is Staresso Manual Espresso Maker. Not only suitable at home and beginner coffee business but this machine can also be taken wherever you are. Want to enjoy a delicious coffee on the mountain? In the river? At a friend's house? You can rely on this machine to create coffee to your taste.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021;
Staresso Manual Espresso Maker (Picture source:

This portable coffee machine is quite sophisticated, he can reach pressures up to 15-20 bar. Slightly superior to its predecessor espresso maker. In addition, the machine is also easy to clean because the body parts can be removed one by one, and the weight is quite light only 0.9kg.

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There are two types of prices delivered on Amazon of $58.24 and $64.99.

4. French Press

French press is a type of manual coffee machine that was patented in 1929 by Italian designer, Attilio Calimani. It's just that the design is not perfect so this tool has undergone several modifications resulting in a more modern coffee press machine.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021;
French press (Picture source:

In the end, the machine was popularized by a Danish company called Bodum and a British-owned company, Household Articles Ltd. Use of this coffee machine is easy and suitable for use in the home, office, or coffee shop.

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For the modern French press, the machine has metal or plastic-covered cylinder tubes and pluggers. Some are from glass materials and some are from clear plastic. Also equipped with nylon filter or sturdy filter wire. This machine is perfect for coffee beans that are still coarse so that the coffee is not too bitter and peeled.

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The price delivered on Amazon is $37.22.

5. Vietnam Coffee Drip

Vietnam coffee drip is a coffee machine that produces a cup of premium class concentrated coffee such as robusta. This machine is commonly used by Vietnamese in making coffee so it is called Vietnamese coffee drip.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021;
Vietnam coffee drip (Picture source:

In addition to robusta coffee, a cup of delicious coffee extracted from coffee beans through droplets with the addition of sweetened condensed milk is also a favorite of Vietnamese people. Sweetened condensed milk was chosen because historically, Vietnamese people used to have difficulty finding fresh milk or cream for coffee mixtures.

Vietnam coffee drip is now worldwide. This coffee machine is suitable for at home because it is easy to use. You just have to wait for the coffee droplets to fill the coffee cup.

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6. V60 Hario Ceramic Coffee Dripper

The pour-over method is a method in brewing coffee that has been known for a long time. This method is not difficult, but also not simple, because brewing coffee requires an observant process to produce a quality and delicious brew of coffee. V60 Hario is one of the coffee brewing tools with a pour-over method. At first glance, the shape of this coffee tool resembles a regular cup used for drinking tea. This kind of appearance is what makes the glass a lot of attention to people, the shape makes people curious because although it is similar to a regular cup of tea but does have an unusual side.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021;
Hario V60 (Picture source:

Hario V60 is now very synonymous with the trend of pour-over commonly used in leading cafes in several major cities. In addition, this tool is also very suitable for brewing black coffee at home because it is the shape and pour drip method is easy to apply anywhere, although this tool requires an appropriate process to produce coffee with a strong aroma.

The tool to brew coffee, one of which is V60 Hario is a coffee brewing tool with a cone shape on the bottom. In addition to being made of ceramics, this tool is also made of glass, metal, and plastic so that it looks exactly like a regular cup used for tea or coffee itself. When viewed at the top of the coffee brewing tool is usually equipped with a spiral motif that makes this tool looks unique and memorable. In addition, this coffee brewing tool from Hario has a sturdy shape and design and can store heat for longer.

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7. Chemex – Paper Filter Coffeemaker

For coffee lovers, making your coffee at home is fun. Supporting equipment makes you more comfortable making your coffee at home. Chemex is one of those tools that you can use to equip your home coffee maker. This tool is one of the tools used to brew the desired coffee. This tool to brew coffee is a tool used by coffee lovers in America and is now entering its popularity. The tool itself was first introduced in the 1940s.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021;
Chemex (Picture source:

This tool is made of glass with an hourglass shape or 'X' shape with a handle made of original wood in the middle of the brewing tool. The design of this brewing tool can be said to have a classic design.

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This coffee brewing tool is a brewing tool that precedes the pour-over method and becomes a dream for coffee lovers in America. This brewing tool has its strength which can produce a brew of coffee that can pamper the drinkers. This is because the coffee produced has a strong character, a concentrated aroma, acidity, and sweetness are clearly when the brew of coffee is tasted. This is what makes the first coffee brewing tool introduced in America have its place in the hearts of coffee lovers.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker;Plastic Free Coffee Maker 2020 - 2021;
Chemex (Picture source:

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Now that you've found the best coffee machine to accompany your days at home, do your first brew experiment. The goal is to eliminate the new aroma on the machine. However, on the second brew, you can immediately enjoy it. Hopefully, information about plastic-free coffee makers is useful for those of you who deliberately look for a coffee machine that is free of plastic materials.

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