Where To Buy Bulletproof Coffee

You're a coffee lover? As a coffee lover, of course, you will follow all the developments of coffee, ranging from how to process coffee, types of coffee that can be processed, or just want to always enjoy delicious coffee. There is very much to talk about coffee and the discussion about coffee is always interesting. Especially when talking about business opportunities that can be developed related to the world of coffee. Not only that, but the diversification of coffee drinks is also growing, you must know bulletproof coffee that is currently very viral in America. Even those who are lay about coffee must also ask "where to buy bulletproof coffee" because do not know what is bulletproof coffee.

Coffee has long been said to have many benefits, good for health, from relieving drowsiness, increasing energy, metabolism, and concentration, to reducing the risk of developing cancer and diabetes. With that in hand, coffee should be consumed without the addition of milk, sugar, or other sweeteners.

Now, there are other suggestions to benefit coffee as a fat scraper, especially in the stomach area, namely by adding special butter and oil. The benefits include being able to lose weight quickly and improve energy and mental health. Some even say that butter coffee is very popular with David Beckham and Ed Sheeran.

Bulletproof Coffee

Speaking of coffee that is being discussed, bulletproof coffee is a popular drink on American social media. Besides being called healthy, this trendy coffee is also beautiful to photograph. This coffee drink in appearance is a foamy and fatty coffee. The type of fat that is put in it is butter from grass-fed cows.

Where To Buy Bulletproof Coffee
Picture source: momsmeet.com

Bulletproof coffee is a coffee powder, which is added with butter and MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride) such as coconut oil, then mixed into one using a blender. The manufacturing process is recommended while hot to melt the added butter into the coffee so that the ingredients can blend easily. If made in cold conditions, the butter is still solid.

In general coffee, butter and MCT oil / saturated fat is a good food source for health. However, anything that is consumed excessively will cause problems for the body.

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For those who are on a ketogenic diet (a diet that is high in fat, enough protein, and low in carbohydrates), this drink is claimed to help increase the oxidation of body fat into energy for activity.

Bulletproof Coffee Content

When viewed from the composition, a serving measure bulletproof coffee contains 441 calories with 0 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of protein, 0 grams of fiber, and 51 grams of fat. This coffee can help the weight loss process, but that does not mean healthy. Claims of weight loss when consuming bulletproof coffee are quite extreme, so it is feared that yoyo syndrome will occur for those who apply it in the long run.

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Bulletproof coffee can provide extra energy because of its high caloric content. In addition, the caffeine content in coffee has a stimulant effect that makes the heart beat faster so that blood pressure rises. Caffeine also increases the production of the hormone adrenaline in the blood, a hormone that makes the body ready for intense physical activity.

Where Can I Buy Bulletproof Coffee

Want to get this delicious dish of frothy and fatty coffee? Don't worry, for those of you who do not want to bother making your delicious coffee dish, now available in various retail stores and marketplaces.

There are many types of bulletproof coffee to choose from (example only), such as:


Medium Roast, Ground Coffee

Where Can I Buy Bulletproof Coffee
Bulletproof Original (Picture source: shop.bulletproof.com)

A clean cup of coffee can make your morning even more enjoyable, so start your day with Bulletproof Original. This medium roasted coffee has different notes about cinnamon, plums, and oranges with cocoa hazelnut finishing.

The price of this coffee for a size 12 oz is $14.99 (Regular).


Medium-Dark Roast, Ground Coffee.

Where Can I Buy Bulletproof Coffee
Mentalis' (Picture source: shop.bulletproof.com)

A clean cup of coffee can make your morning, so start your day with Bulletproof coffee beans. Mentalis' medium-dark roasted coffee features full-bodied flavors and notes of cherries, almonds, and caramel.

Price for a size 12 oz for $14.99 (Regular)


Dark Roast, Ground Coffee.

Where Can I Buy Bulletproof Coffee;
French Kick's (Picture source: shop.bulletproof.com)

A clean cup of coffee can make your morning, so start your day with Bulletproof coffee beans. French Kick's dark roasted coffee features a smooth, medium-bodied flavor with a smoky chocolate aroma.

Price for size 12 oz $14.99 (Regular)

You can get bulletproof coffee at various retail stores around you, or buy it online at various retail stores in the United States, or in some well-known online stores below:

  1. shop.bulletproof.com
  2. www.amazon.com
  3. www.walmart.com
  4. And many other retail stores provide this bulletproof coffee.

Hopefully, information about Bulletproof coffee, including "where to buy bulletproof coffee" is useful for those of you who want to try the deliciousness of this delicious coffee dish.

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