Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

Coffee is still an interesting discussion, everyone will certainly not refuse to be invited to drink coffee, even those who have problems with the stomach will still want to be invited to drink coffee, even though in the end they choose other drinks. With the development of coffee drinks, so many types of drinks are made from coffee. One of them is espresso. Regardless of the name, there is no denying that espresso is always number one. But behind the enjoyment, there is a secret to making delicious espresso, namely the best coffee beans for espresso.

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso
Best coffee beans for espresso (Picture: thespruceeats.)

The espresso itself is a drink produced by extracting coffee beans that have been ground by spraying hot water under high pressure. The espresso itself comes from the Italian word meaning express or fast because it is deliberately made quickly to be served immediately to customers.

Best Whole Coffee Beans for Espresso

Espresso is a delicious coffee made from coffee bean extract processed with a high-pressure machine. Until it can be said espresso is the essence of coffee beans with a solid and thick cup of liquid coffee.

The term espresso was first known in Italy around the early 1900s. Its bitter and thick taste makes many coffee lovers love espresso. However, despite being a favorite drink for coffee lovers, it turns out that many people do not want to choose espresso because its bitter taste is unbearable so it cannot be enjoyed slowly.

What's interesting about espresso is that it turns out that espresso is the most sacred drink for Italian society, not only that, in Italy, even small coffee shops are always full of queues of coffee lovers who want to bond with espresso every morning.

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There are several ways to mix espresso blend from whole coffee to bring out a balanced taste so that the quality of certain varieties will be extracted optimally when the coffee is watered quickly to be served into espresso.

Here are some ways to make espresso by taking referrals from, among others:

  • Sharper and sweeter, with more aromatics

To get a sharper and sweeter espresso, with a more flavorful character. If you have prepared coffee beans for espresso, try adding them with Central American Coffees. With a percentage of about 25%, you will probably get the desired espresso character.

  • Body and sweetness

Wanting a strong and sweet espresso character, try experimenting with Sulawesi coffee or Sumatra espresso character will taste sweet with a delicious body. But should also be considered the level of roasting so that the extraction is optimal.

  • Earthy aggressive bite and more pungency

Some want an espresso slightly earthy and somewhat spicy character maybe can experiment with dry-processed Ethiopian. Usually Ethiopian aromatic character with fruity and winey, but with dark roast this coffee will be a little spicy character, and a little sweet with a lighter roast. About 25%, Ethiopian coffee will serve a fun espresso.

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso Machine

It is interesting to discuss this type of coffee drink, to be able to get the best espresso coffee must be obtained from a coffee brewing tool. But what is surprising is that to be able to get the best espresso coffee, you do not need to buy an espresso machine at a high price. And we can use manual brew tools that can be purchased at a very affordable price.

There are some tips for the best espresso coffee, including:

  1. Pay attention to the size of the coffee grounds (grind size), in general, the grind size used to make Espresso is Fine (smooth).
  2. Of course everyone has different tastes, so to get the Best Espresso Coffee, you have to pay attention to the characteristics of the Coffee to be used.
  3. Determine the ratio of doses according to your taste.

Enjoying the best espresso is a choice. Hopefully, this information about the best coffee beans for espresso is useful for you.

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