Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Having a coffee machine is a pleasure for a coffee lover, as well as if you have a Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker, must have felt there is a problem, although small, but this will disturb your mind to immediately solve the problem. The problem that all coffee machine users complain about is the same, as it relates to electricity, brew, water, and related to the result of coffee. Similarly, the theme this time raises "Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Troubleshooting" specifically for you Bunn coffee machine owners.

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Troubleshooting
Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker (Source: ifoodequipment.ca)

All problems with the coffee machine, especially in Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker will affect the taste of the coffee produced later. For that, immediately overcoming the damage to the coffee machine to be the best solution.

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Manual

A malfunctioning coffee maker becomes a major inconvenience for a coffee lover or even a coffee shop owner who uses a Bunn brand coffee machine, as leaks, overflows, and temperature problems become common problems that can affect coffee makers over time.

But take it easy, many of these problems can be fixed easily! There are some simple steps to fix a problem with a Bunn coffee machine.

The first step that can be done on a Bunn coffee machine is to clean it, namely:

Chalk-scale buildup can wreak problems on coffee equipment, and many maintenance issues can be solved or prevented entirely by cleaning and reducing your coffee maker according to Bunn's recommendations."

There are steps you should follow based on the cleaning instructions on the Bunn coffee machine. This step should be done 2 to 3 times per week. Areas with hard water should clean daily, if possible, among others:

  1. Turn off the engine. Turn off your coffee maker and unplug it from the wall to prevent shock.
  2. Clean the exterior. Clean the outside with water and mild detergent. Just rinse with a wet cloth. Use the third cloth to dry.
  3. Clean Drinks Funnel. Wash and clean the drink funnel. Do this by hand unless directed otherwise.
  4. Clean Sprayhead. Remove the sprayhead. Wash with a mild detergent. Remove the lime deposit from the sprayhead and tube.

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That's the first step in cleaning a Bunn coffee machine.

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker with Deliming Tool

Deliming tools will help remove lime deposits. The trick, use the pointed end to clean the sprayhead hole and rotate the long end several times inside the tube to erode deposits that are difficult to remove. While deliming tools are designed to help clean your machine more efficiently, you can also use toothpicks or similar objects to clear blockages in an emergency.

You can follow some steps on Bunn Coffee Maker De-Liming, namely by following the recommended steps every month, do this more often when you live in an area that has hard water. The buildup of lime scales is the root cause of many coffee maker problems, and you should take several steps to prevent them so you don't have to call a technician later.

The acid in a descaling solution works to loosen and dissolve the lime deposits as they circulate through your machine. When done regularly, it will help to prevent performance-killing buildup in heating and tank elements. Machines with very heavy scale deposits may require cleaning or professional service.

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Easy steps with "Deliming Tool", as follows:  

  1. Clean Water Channel. Put the deliming spring into the coffee maker's sprayhead tube, then look back and forth several times to loosen the lime deposits.
  2. Mix De-scaler. Mix 2 parts distilled water into 1 part white vinegar. Fill the reservoir. Run the brewing cycle. Defecate when done.
  3. Clean Sprayhead. Remove the sprayhead. Wash and remove the lime deposit. Clean any deposits in the sprayhead tube. Put the sprayhead back on.
  4. Run Rinse Cycle. Start a new drink cycle, using only distilled water. Repeat as necessary until it repeats and the smell or taste of the descaling solution is gone.

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Repair Near Me

Panic when Bunn coffee machine jammed or even does not work becomes unpleasant, several steps can be done by sourced from WebstaurantStore before you come to the coffee machine service, among others:

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Repair Near Me
Source: webstaurantstore.com

1 | Bunn Coffee Maker Overflows or Leaks Water

If Bunn coffee machine experienced this, then some steps can be done, namely:

  • Is the Brewing Vessel Empty? Make sure that when you're starting a new brew cycle, the server or decanter under the funnel is empty. Leftover coffee in the server will cause it to overflow.
  • Check the Brew Volume.
  • Clean and De-Lime the Machine.
  • Test a Different Filter Paper or Coffee Grind.
  • When to Schedule Service. If you've tried all of the above steps and your coffee maker is still overflowing or leaking, it's time to get the technician and schedule repairs.

2 | Bunn Coffee Maker Won't Heat the Water

If Bunn coffee machine experienced this, then some steps can be done, namely:

  • Check the Error Messages / User Manual.
  • Common Reasons Coffee Maker Water Won't Heat.

3 | Bunn Coffee Maker Won't Brew Coffee

If your Bunn coffee maker is having trouble starting the brew cycle, there are a few simple tests you can try to get it working.

  • Check the Water Supply to the Coffee Maker.
  • Let the Coffee Maker Heat Up.
  • When to Schedule Service. If you've tried the above remedies and the brew cycle still won't start, set up an appointment with an authorized service technician.

4 | Bunn Coffee Maker Makes Weak Beverage

There are some easy tests you can run to find which it is!

  • Check the Funnel.
  • Check the Water Temperature.
  • Check the Sprayhead.
  • Test a Different Filter Paper or Coffee Grind.

5 | Bunn Coffee Maker Spitting / Too Much Steam

Several steps can be done, namely:

  • Clean and De-Lime the Machine.
  • When to Schedule Service.

6 | Bunn Coffee Maker Making Noises or Vibrations

When your coffee maker is making noises, it's usually related to issues with the water supply.

  • Check the Water Lines.
  • Check Incoming Water Temperature and Pressure.
  • Check the Inlet Solenoids.
  • Clean and De-Lime the Machine.

In addition to the steps above and when you need spare parts for Bunn coffee machines, then you can contact webstaurantstore.com.

Hopefully, a little information about "Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker Troubleshooting" is useful and a reference for you.

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