Certified International Coffee Mugs

Coffee is a pleasure, as well as everything related to coffee becomes a very important thing that can satisfy coffee lovers and connoisseurs. Take for example the selection of coffee mugs. Every coffee lover must have a favorite coffee mug that keeps them from moving on to other coffee mugs. One of the coffee mug providers that provides the best selection of coffee mugs is Certified International Coffee Mugs. This coffee mug provider provides a wide selection of coffee mugs that you can choose in enjoying coffee.

Certified International Coffee Mugs
Certified International Coffee Mugs (Picture: bedbathandbeyond.com)

Basically in choosing a coffee mug there is a different way when compared to choosing a mug for a regular drink. To enjoy delicious coffee, several things must be considered in choosing a coffee cup, name must be able to maintain the delicious temperature of coffee or must be able to increase the perception of the aroma of coffee.

Certified International Coffee Cups

As a coffee connoisseur, of course, choosing a coffee mug or cup requires some consideration, especially since this coffee cup is of many types, ranging from the material, color, and also shape of the cup. Of course, as a coffee connoisseur, you will choose the best cup to get a delicious coffee dish with a delicious aroma. But not all types of cups can maintain the flavor and aroma in each sip of your coffee.

For the record, cup material needs to be considered before choosing a cup for coffee drinking needs. Because the reaction of the cup to the coffee dish is caused by the material from the cup (Source: driftaway.coffee effect coffee cup material.)

  • Plastic cups, using plastic cups over time the cup will absorb the smell and taste. For coffee, servings may not be too pronounced, but if you occasionally use the same cup drinking mineral water or tea, there is still the impression of coffee left behind.
  • Iron cups, pouring hot coffee servings into iron cups sometimes create other flavor compounds into the coffee. There may be a follow-up reaction when hot temperatures meet with iron ingredients, resulting in a foreign flavor to the coffee dish. Although not always, but some coffee lovers believe that coffee cups are not good for serving coffee.
  • Ceramic cups, serving coffee with ceramic cups are the best choice because ceramic materials do not absorb or produce other foreign flavors into the coffee. Ceramic material is fairly neutral as a coffee serving container, the temperature of the dish decreases normally so that it remains delicious for a while.
  • Double Wall cups, identical to double cup walls and are generally made of heat-resistant glass. Cups with the concept of materials like this can keep the heat temperature longer so that the coffee dish remains delicious on each sip.

The shape of the coffee cup also has a role in the perception of aroma and taste. Then it becomes important to choose a cup that can increase the perception of aroma and taste. The base of a one-wave cup when the coffee is poured will break down the aroma more than the flat base of the cup. Even tulip-shaped cups allow longer scents trapped in the cup, when you want to enjoy the aroma will affect the perception of taste.

Certified International Coffee Cups
Picture: walmart.com

The color of the coffee cup can affect the perception of the taste of the coffee dish you sip. Serving coffee poured into a brightly colored cup will be different from coffee drunk from a dark-colored cup. This explains that the color of a coffee cup changes a person's coffee drinking experience.

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A study conducted in Australia tested the influence of 3 different cup colors, white cups, blue and clear glasses. It involved 18 participants gulping coffee on different cups. The conclusions of the participants explained that the white cup provides a clearer coffee drinking experience to display the character of the body or bitter impression. And the character of sweetness is more pronounced when coffee is drunk with a blue cup and a clear glass compared to a white cup.

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