Chickory Coffee

Coffee and coffee again. Coffee is very interesting to discuss. This time the coffee discussed is a drink that is said to be "coffee", but amazingly there is no coffee in the content. Curious? That's "Chickory Coffee" or commonly called 'chicory coffee'.  Until now, there are still many who do not understand and do not know about this type of coffee. Because most people only know arabica coffee and robusta coffee which is more widely used as a coffee drink served in coffee outlets.

Interesting, why can it be said to be interesting? Because chicory coffee is said to be an alternative drink for those of you who are not strong with acid content in coffee, especially for those who have ulcer disease, the caffeine contained in it can increase the production of stomach acid and inflammation in the stomach.

Chicory Coffee

Coffee is interesting, so interesting that there are other types of coffee as an alternative for those who want to enjoy coffee but must refrain from drinking coffee because it is not strong with acid in coffee. Chicory coffee is one of the answers. As it turns out, chicory coffee has been around since time immemorial. Even the emergence of chicory coffee is said to have existed since 1800. And it appears because at that time there was a crisis against coffee in France so they brew chicory coffee.

Edited from, chicory coffee is a drink made using chicory plant roots brewed like coffee. Previously this plant was roasted first with a certain level of maturity so that it tastes delicious when brewed.

Chicory coffee (Picture: thrivecuisine.)

Chicory itself is a flowering plant, with a type of rooted plant that still belongs to the dandelion family. The plant is characterized by a hard, hairy stem and has flowers and light purple leaves. Generally, chicory is used as a salad mixture. Chicory grows in the wild under the Latin name Cichorium Intybus which does have properties and has been used as herbal medicine since ancient times.

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Even during the Civil War that occurred in some areas of the United States, chicory coffee was brewed in New Orleans. At that time there was a coffee crisis and one of the ports where the entry of goods of them was blocked so that chicory coffee was used as a temporary coffee substitute.

According to some people who drink this drink, chicory coffee has a taste that is somewhat similar to coffee. With taste characteristics that are fleeting woody and nutty. That's why many consume this drink because, in addition to being delicious and similar to coffee, it also does not contain caffeine at all.

How to brew chicory coffee, the same way as brewing coffee as usual. It can be with manual brewing tools and can also be mixed with milk if you like. In addition, chicory coffee has many health benefits. One of them is to prevent the buildup of cholesterol, provide fiber content that is good for digestion and maximize liver function.

Chicory Coffee Brands

To support a healthy lifestyle, today chicory coffee is also again promoted. Brands like Teeccino offer herbal blends in which chicory is mixed with flavors such as fig and barley, and is said to be able to pleasure sipping coffee, but without the heartbreaking effects of caffeine.

Several chicory coffee brands can be found such as Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chickory and Decaf Blend Bundle, by taking information on

Chicory Coffee Brands
Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chickory and Decaf Blend Bundle (Picture:

  • Price: $22.99.
  • Brand: Cafe Du Monde.
  • Flavor: Original, Decaf, Coffee.
  • Caffeine Content: Decaffeinated.
  • Weight: 15 Ounces.

There are many options for enjoying coffee. Hopefully, this information about Chickory Coffee is useful and can be a reference for those of you who want to get alternative coffee.

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