Ashley Furniture Round Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of the pieces of furniture that is usually in the living room and its position is between a chair or sofa. Although often called a coffee table, this table can be used to store books, magazines, even for a warm tea or coffee base. Interested in the discussion of coffee tables, there is one type of coffee table that can be discussed, namely "Ashley Furniture Round Coffee Table".

Ashley Furniture Round Coffee Table

The existence of a coffee table can be a focal point to make the room look attractive. There are many coffee table sizes and models to choose from. Such as the shape of a square, rectangle, round, and so on. Table materials are also diverse, such as wood, glass, and iron. However, from the many choices of sizes and models of coffee tables, round tables are generally more desirable because they look minimalist and classic, and save space. The circle-shaped coffee table is also safe for children when playing around it because it does not have sharp elbows.

About Ashley Furniture

Who is not familiar with this leading furniture brand from America? The beautiful design, the quality of the material, even the complete and diverse collection of products. Ashley Furniture Corporation was founded in Chicago by Carlyle Weinberger in 1945 with one goal in common: furniture could be produced in a better way.

However, in 1970 Ron Wanek bought Ashley Furniture Corporation and increased the production of cabinet cabinets and occasional tables distributed nationally through Ashley Furniture Corporation.

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Ashley carries the typical design of U.S. furniture models, which generally prioritize detail on the design and the richness of taste in the fabric used. However, as it targets a new market of having its residence, some things are customized in Ashley's design.

Ashley Furniture Round Coffee Table Set

Tired of the square table in the living room? You should probably try a round coffee table. Why? There are many reasons why you should choose Ashley Furniture Round CoffeeTable, among others:

  1. The round coffee table is beautiful
  2. Practical statement furniture will bring out more attractive visual elements, round coffee tables are one of the most practical options.
  3. Eliminate stiffness, because it can provide balance in a room filled with sharp angles.
  4. High flexibility. Round coffee tables are the most flexible form combined with any type of sofa. Whether standard, sectional, or chaise-equipped U-shape, a round coffee table will complement it well.
  5. Friendly for children, because the table is made without a sharp angle, thus reducing the risk of the child getting hurt when accidentally bumping into it.
  6. Feminine feel. If the workspace, room, and kitchen are private domains, the family room is a shared area. So it would be better if the expression of each occupant of the house can be reflected through the interior of the room.
  7. Provide warmth. Psychologically, the shape of the circle gives a positive feel. In addition, the circle also seems more comfortable, relaxed, and warm.
  8. Greater load. An angleless desk allows access to more users. You can serve dishes to guests around the table without limits, as long as it does not interfere with each other. But to be more comfortable, make sure the number of seats is according to the size of the table.
  9. Roomy wiggle room. A boxed or rectangular coffee table will narrow the legroom. In contrast, a round coffee table produces an airy area for the feet to go in and out of the seating area.
  10. Bring out a modern feel. Modern and contemporary style interiors are often off track. In this case, it violates conventional methods that were commonly done before.

Ashley Furniture Round Coffee Table Set

In addition to the advantages of the round coffee table. There are other advantages of this round coffee table that it can be placed in a narrow living room. For those who are interested in using this table in the house, then you can beautify the look by putting a flower vase with beautiful flowers, a little pile of magazines, and tea set supplies.

If you want to use a long sofa, then you can choose a larger diameter coffee table with a table height that is easily reached by hand. You can choose a round table with transparent glass material to make the room look more spacious.

Ashley Furniture Round Wood Coffee 

The arrangement of American or western style homes tends to be classic and timeless. For those of you who do not follow the trend in interior design, then this style can be an option.

Ashley Furniture Round Wood Coffee

Ashley Furniture collection, especially round wood coffee table has its characteristics, such as the wealth of materials used and quality fabrics. The products have also gone through quality control stages, such as endurance tests and also basic materials.

It is interesting to discuss the coffee table as the mainstay furniture for coffee lovers. Hopefully, this information about "Ashley Furniture Round Coffee Table" is useful and a reference for you.

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