Starbucks Coffee Mugs

What happened to Starbucks? What does this have to do with coffee? Of course, it is very related, moreover, Starbucks is a world coffee giant that can dominate the market share of the world's coffee shops. However, behind the long and successful history of Starbucks, there is one thing that is always interesting and enjoy coffee at Starbucks, namely the love of coffee lovers with the existence of Starbucks coffee mugs. Having coffee mugs from Starbucks is proof that a coffee lover and connoisseur becomes a true coffee drinker or in any other language is a lifestyle.

Now drinking coffee is not just a drinking activity, but to buy a comfortable place for business purposes or just chatting. Starbucks became one of the coffee shop players from the United States that has always been an option for coffee drinking.

Starbucks Coffee Mugs For Sale

Starbucks doesn't just offer drinks and food. They also sell packaged coffee and tea to their customers, including souvenir items such as mugs, flashes, and tumblers.

Starbucks coffee is usually served in a paper cup or ceramic mug if it is hot or in a plastic cup when it is cold. But if you want to get the coffee mugs, you can buy them as merchandise.

Starbucks Coffee Mugs

At first, Starbucks used souvenir items only as a promotional medium for the company. In 2014, Starbucks management said there was no specific strategy to increase sales of mug and tumbler products.

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Starbucks makes mugs and tumblers whose designs are tailored to the city in which their tavern is located. Mug or tumblers will depend on each city around the world that has a Starbucks outlet.

But it cannot be denied, the unique and attractive design plus the existence of the Starbucks logo that gives prestige. Mugs and tumblers from Starbucks are always sought after as souvenirs for gifts and personal collections. Often, fans of these souvenirs have to leave them to friends who are abroad.

Starbucks Coffee Cup Reusable

In addition to branding, the sale of mugs and tumblers is also part of Starbucks' efforts to reduce the use of paper cups. Although sales of mugs and tumblers account for only about 4 percent, Starbucks still takes souvenir sales seriously. Mugs and tumblers offered by Starbucks are premium products.

Starbucks currently sells mugs that keep the coffee hot constantly for $150. The mug purchased by Starbuck comes from Ember Technologies, a U.S. technology company.

The inventor of Ember Mug, Clay Alexander said the standard of mugs set by Starbucks is very strict. The mug must go through a series of examinations for up to several months to make sure the taste of the coffee does not change.

Making a mug that can control the temperature is also not easy. Alexander has spent years perfecting his design and technology. Alexander filed a patent for the mug in 2010.

With the mug, customers can set the temperature between 120-150 degrees. Inside the mug, there is a heating ring to warm the liquid. The wall of the mug is coated with a heat absorbent substance that serves to cool the liquid.

Interested in Starbucks coffee mugs? Similarly, having coffee mugs from Starbucks seems to give you confidence about enjoying real coffee.

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