Best Tasting Decaf Coffee

Who can escape the deliciousness of coffee? Many people are unable to escape coffee, even when their stomach hurts, the effect of the need for coffee has made many people hope that there is coffee that can be served at least with a little caffeine. And the good news is it turns out that nowadays there is already decaffeinated coffee. Curious? Here will be delivered the best-tasting decaf coffee, so you can choose the coffee without the caffeine you want.

The fact is that many people want to sip the delicious bitter taste of coffee but do not want to endure the 'shaking effect' that coffee brings. Regardless of whether the coffee drinker knows that good coffee will not make a shake let alone affect the heart, then decaf coffee is one way out that can currently be a solution. That said, drink coffee and still feel safe.

What Is The Best Tasting Decaf Coffee

What exactly is decaf coffee? Decaf coffee is a type of coffee whose caffeine content has been lowered to the lowest level through a process known as decaffeination.

You must be curious about this decaf coffee, even though it has been called the "label" decaf, coffee will still contain caffeine even though the percentage is only 2% or 3%. The caffeine content itself varies from one coffee bean to another. A 12-ounce cup of decaf coffee typically contains about 3 to 18 milligrams of caffeine.

An American nutritionist, Maria Bella, who has established a well-known nutrition center in New York, even insists there is no such thing as coffee with zero caffeine in this world. Even you can't equate decaf coffee to a zero-sugar cola drink.

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When the decaffeination process (removal of caffeine levels) takes place, several stages are carried out on coffee beans. Whether by soaking or heating in extreme temperatures, this process will force the pores of the coffee beans to open so that any solution used to remove the caffeine can enter. On the other hand, coffee beans have a natural anti-oxidant substance called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid itself has properties that are easily soluble in water so that by the decaffeination process, the natural anti-oxidant substance of this coffee often becomes melted.

In the decaffeination process, caffeine is removed when the coffee is still in the form of beans, green-bean, aka not yet roasted. Various processes will determine how the coffee roasting method (decaf) is next or how long the coffee will last to stay fresh. For your information, decaf coffee tends to be 2 times faster "stale" than regular coffee.

The Best Tasting Decaf Coffee

After knowing how and what decaf coffee is, below will be presented some of the best decaf coffee options, including:

1. Volcanica Costa Rica Decaf Tarazzu.

Volcanica is a coffee producer that offers a variety of decaffeinated coffees, all of which are processed by the Swiss water bath method for pure coffee flavors minus caffeine. Of particular interest is that decaffeinated Tarrazu Coffee is grown high in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Volcanica Costa Rica Decaf Tarazzu (Picture:

Coffee grown under these auspices is Rainforest Alliance certified. If you are looking for coffee that is soft in the stomach and has been lightly processed on earth, this drink is an ideal option. Why be an ideal coffee? This is because the volcanic soil and humid growing conditions of Costa Rica have produced fertile, flavorful coffee that is rich in flavor but low in acid.

2. Koa Coffee Swiss Decaf Coffee.

Koa's decaffeinated coffee is a whole bean medium roast, full of good taste and 99% caffeine-free. You can grind it to your taste and enjoy it at any time of the day.

Koa Coffee Swiss Decaf Coffee (Picture:

The product is available in five-pound bags, ideal for freezing and grinding whenever you need a delicious caffeine-free cup of coffee.

Koa Swiss Water Decaf coffee is treated by the Swiss water bath method. Through the careful application of water, time, and temperature, caffeine is extracted from the beans and the taste remains.

3. Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinato Whole Bean Coffee Blend.

Another serving of good coffee is served in a 1.1-pound bag from Lavazza. Although the beans are mixed and roasted moderately in Italy, they are sourced from the highlands of Central and South America and are 100% Arabica seeds.

Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinato Whole Bean Coffee Blend (Picture: 

To be able to get a good taste it is highly recommended that you use these beans in a drip coffee maker or french press.

Caffeine is extracted using liquid carbon dioxide – a natural method that is preferred over solvent methods that use chemicals that can de-flavor and dry nuts. Medium roasting allows the natural taste of the beans to shine, with caramelized, spicy, and a slightly spicy taste. You'll find it to be a nice, smooth cup, but it may lack intensity for some tastes.

Hopefully, this information with the topic "best tasting decaf coffee" is more or less useful for those of you who want to get a delicious dish of coffee without caffeine in the coffee content.

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